Epistar to continue localization services with a new image from 2021

Since its establishment in 1996, Epistar EPISTAR has been actively exploring and deeply cultivating the mainland market. As a leading LED upstream chip technology company, we are committed to sharing LED technology and promoting LED application development. From the development of red, yellow, and blue monochromatic light to the era of white light with blue light and phosphor, Epistar has been making continuous efforts to uphold its professionalism and progressive development, pushing the industry technology forward until the outbreak and advancement of Mini/Microtechnology, and practicing its mission of “realizing the infinite possibilities of LED applications”. In 2009, we benefited from the growth of the mainland market.

In 2009, benefiting from the booming development of the mainland market and in order to create a good customer-supplier relationship, Epistar established Epistar’s localized quality service team to provide quality products and efficient solutions to mainland customers. Thanks to the positive feedback and strong support from our customers, we have been able to create a win-win situation by working closely with them. Today, Epistar is in a key position to drive the commercialization of LED technology applications. In an environment where global humanity is facing and breaking through the epidemic crisis, in order to continue to realize the infinite possibilities of LED applications while being prepared to meet all challenges, Epistar strives to continue to thrive in an unprecedented manner in the post-epidemic era with our customers and industry colleagues through the integration of resources.

(hereinafter referred to as “JKK”) will take over from Epistar’s PSC as the only official sales channel for Epistar in mainland China from January 1, 2021, to work together to provide better quality products and efficient services to our customers and continue to “realize the infinite possibilities of LED applications” with a new image.