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What is the advantage of MSH NEW DMX LED Tape?

12Volt led tape lights with RGB5050 512IC chip, imported Epistar lamp beads high brightness low strobe more durable, thickened full copper double mask circuit board to effectively reduce the hot performance more stable, the back of the high adhesive genuine 3M adhesive, strip warranty three years, a large number of stock, other models, please ask customer service


1)High life span High energy saving 

After 50,000 hours of use, the strip can still maintain a good light effect

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2) Bright and dazzling  

High-efficiency chip, 20% brighter than most light strips, uniform luster, effectively restore the true color

3)Anti-dead lamp bead design

  One group is not bright, the other groups of light beads normal light

4)No strobe light

 LED chip, high standard performance quality display index, restore the real color


1) Material comparison

The double-sided copper circuit board    

Good electrical conductivity, low energy consumption, fast heat dissipation, good pressure resistance, long lamp life    

The single-sided copper circuit board 

To save the use of single-sided copper circuit board, energy consumption, heat dissipation is slow, the lamp beads are easy to bad

rgb digital led light strip

2) Wire comparison

Pure copper wire  

Good electrical conductivity, low energy consumption, fast heat dissipation, good resistance to pressure, long life of the lamp strip

Alloy wire 

To save costs by using a variety of recycled metal generated by the wire, poor electrical conductivity, energy consumption

rgb digital led light strip

12 volt RGB led strip lights Quality control


Manual welding, improve the solidity of the circuit board, conductivity, reduce false welding, leakage of welding, for the high efficiency of the use of products laid a solid foundation   

rgb digital led light strip


MSH LED adopts imported high brightness lamp beads, using high-efficiency chips, 20% brighter than most light strips, stable performance, lower heat generation and longer life. 

rgb digital led light strip


When the whole roll is not needed, it is cut from the shear to avoid or reduce unnecessary waste. 

4) Connector 

 5pin SM butt connector for easy connection to the power supply


MSH LED DMX RGB LED tape is three years warranty, With Waterproof and Non-waterproof types, It installs widely in facade solutions and TV solutions. 

rgb digital led light strip


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