DMX RGB LED Strip by Abrightled also known ads DMX Pixel LED Tape

When developing the feel and mood of a space, adding depth is a great way to enhance the experience. This can be done in a number of ways, but lighting is probably one of the most vivid mediums that we can take advantage of in order to achieve the desired effect. Accent lighting in particular, allows the designer a further level of enhancement and creativity. Expand upon this concept even further and the result is the DMX LED Strip by Abrightled, also known as DMX Pixel LED Tape. Available in both RGB and RGBW formats, the individual pixel and color control is what affords you the greater flexibility and opportunity for creativity.

Linear lighting effects can now be dynamic in the sense of motion and direction, and no longer are you limited to basic dimming or traditional color settings. Pair the DMX Pixel LED Tape with your favorite LED mapping software and the sky is the limit.

Unlike similar SPI type products in the market, the DMX RGB LED Strip by Abrightled receives direct input from any DMX512-A ( source. No additional decoder, or device is needed aside from a 5V DC power supply. Data and power are the only things required, and with the robustness and EMI resistance offered by the DMX protocol, SPI products do not compare. With different options for DMX addressing, this product is a serious contender for any permanent installation where longevity and quality is key.