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2021 Top Ten Cities Chinese New Year Light Show

Today, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year

The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is also known as the day of the sheep, so “three sheep (Yang) Kai Tai”, is also a symbol of good luck.
①The fourth day of the Lunar New Year is also known as the “sheep day”;

②The legend says that the Zao King this day to check the account, should not go far;
③Every family should eat “folded” – the leftovers of a few days of rice together in a hodgepodge;
④ Throw poor: indoor dusting, house sweeping…
New Year’s customs are changing, but blessings remain the same! In the new year, may everyone have a good harvest and good food!
Next, please enjoy the Chinese New Year light show at home in China’s top ten cities.


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In order to let the public experience a more Chinese New Year, more characteristic of the Spring Festival, Wuhan to the Chinese national history and culture as the background, the Yangtze River light show as a light carrier, planning and production of the “country – home – we are together” Spring Festival Yangtze River light show.

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It is mainly divided into three chapters: “Celebrating Chinese New Year together”, “Guarding the mountains and rivers together” and “Going to the good”, which dynamically interpret the taste of Jingchu, the beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland, the city’s watchfulness and solidarity, and the writing of a new era chapter, expressing the good wishes for the country’s prosperity and people’s peace as the Chinese New Year approaches.

Spring Festival Yangtze River light show part of the effect


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The light show of Qianjiang New City in the Year of the Ox is themed “Golden Ox, Happy and Auspicious” and divided into four chapters: “Golden Ox, Happy and Auspicious, Celebrating Spring Festival, New Year, and Praying for Good Fortune”, with a total duration of 6 minutes and 50 seconds.


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Thousands of doors are lit up like day! Beijing Daily, together with the Beijing Urban Management Committee and the Publicity and Mobilization Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Urban Operation and Environmental Construction Management Command Office, has selected 20 of the most beautiful night scenes in Beijing from Chang’an Street, 16 districts, and the Economic and Technological Development Zone to offer a warm New Year’s gift to citizens staying in Beijing for the New Year!


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As the Chinese New Year approaches, Chengdu’s “Night Tour of Jinjiang” will be held from February 7 to February 26, with all districts and cities along the Jinjiang River lighting up their night scenery. The event will last from February 7 to February 26, providing the public with a unique Chengdu New Year’s Day, making the Spring Festival lively “without closing”.


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From 18:00 on the night of New Year’s Eve, February 11 to 00:30 the next morning, Tianjin Landmark Sky Tower will present a light show with the theme of “No matter where you come from, you are Tianjin people tonight” for all the people who spend New Year’s Eve in Tianjin.

Recently, the final project of the landscape lighting construction of 113 buildings in three major nodes and roads in Xishan District of Kunming City has been basically completed, and the preliminary commissioning of the lighting effect has also been basically completed. The first city of South Asia style, cloud investment center, Dianchi era business circle, the central gold seat, Dianchi Park Hyatt, Biji City District, Dianchi Dam along the perimeter of many high-rise buildings, such as colorful, gorgeous, glittering, echoing each other, forming a beautiful lighting scroll. Some buildings also lit up with a special light show for the Chinese New Year, red-hot “Happy New Year”, representing the auspicious meaning of the window flowers and other patterns and the flow of the word “fortune” in a building between the shuttle, so that people feel the strong flavor of the New Year.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Guiyang Jiaxiu Building and Guanshan Lake Financial City are staging a visual feast for the New Year. The New Year light show is bright and colorful, overflowing with a festive atmosphere to welcome the New Year.


Recently, the Qianjiang New Year lighting project was debugged for effect, and Qianjiang Gate Bridge staged a fantastical and magnificent light show.

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During the period from February 3 to February 26, from 19:00 to 22:00 every day, a Chinese New Year-themed light show will be staged on both sides of the Ful River in Mian Yang city. The Chinese New Year light show is based on red, incorporating red lanterns, fireworks, and firecrackers representing the elements of the Chinese New Year, and introducing fashionable and dynamic elements to celebrate the New Year!



Zhuzhou Chinese New Year light show is themed “Golden Bull Celebrates Chinese New Year” and is played on the Hilton, Lijing Riverside, Golden Sunshine, Jiutian International and Tianyuan Bridge Lusong Bridge as the enclosed linkage carrier to create a festive Chinese New Year atmosphere.

The theme lighting includes garbage classification, running cattle, elements of the New Year of the Ox, cattle turning to the sky, blessing cattle, fireworks blooming, New Year wishes, flowers blooming, etc. Each time lasts for more than 9 minutes and is broadcasted from 6:00 to 11:00 every night from New Year’s Eve to the 15th day of the first month.

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The great disaster will not die! The epidemic brought those effects and changes to the Wuhan market ……

The year 2020, which was shrouded by the epidemic, has finally come to an end, a year that is etched in the bones of Wuhan’s lighting industry, the post-epidemic era, some people are remembering the dead, some people are looking deeper into human nature, the more realistic issue is the ensuing market development, the real economy where to go from here. 2020 was a difficult ordeal for Wuhan’s lighting market, a large number of stores closed down, factories entered a freeze period. Orders decreased under the epidemic, jobs decreased, workers’ wages decreased, leading to a decrease in consumption power, orders decreased again, and the market fell into a tepid predicament.

Since February 2020, in order to save themselves, the market has opened a live mode with goods, e-commerce platform, live with goods, online training is also the unprecedented degree of fire, these are the labels of 2020, will become the Wuhan lighting industry “in the annals of history” of a.

Lighting market: rent-free, attraction, concentric war epidemic

The epidemic came on rampant, so that the whole industry was caught off guard, starting in March 2020, Wuhan stores have made a response, Han Lai Plaza was the first to introduce a rent waiver policy, followed by the rudder drop mouth market, the Southland Lighting World also announced their own rent waiver policy, the health and safety of merchants under the epidemic is the most concerned about the market, Han Lai Plaza market has not yet officially resumed operation when they began to Backstage work, they sent commissioners to maintain close contact with merchants, asking each merchant’s health situation every day, especially some merchants who returned home from Wuhan, mobilizing merchants to actively cooperate with the local government’s relevant epidemic prevention policies and return safely as soon as possible. There are also many enthusiastic merchants who have actively joined the team of community epidemic prevention volunteers, providing various living services and assistance to the citizens in the epidemic.

In the face of the current situation, although the markets offer certain rent reductions to merchants, the only way to stabilize the market is to increase customer flow and improve merchant sales. Therefore, from the second half of 2020, each market increased the frequency of promotional activities, Hanalei Square almost every month on average to carry out a marketing campaign, but also to encourage merchants to come up with explosive products and hot prices, together through various channels and platforms to accumulate customers and attract traffic, better stabilize the confidence of merchants in business. In addition, the lamps and lanterns market omnichannel attraction is also a very obvious change in 2020, online and offline omnichannel attraction, land, sea, and air to help merchants improve sales. For example, the live broadcast, which is very hot in 2020, is also widely used in the promotion of the market. Live broadcast, a small video, and other new marketing models, direct sales may not necessarily bring considerably, but in the offline stores to attract traffic, expand the influence of the brand can still play a role.

Excluding uncertainties such as the epidemic, major stores also have a different level of understanding of future development, Hanalei Plaza Wang Rongchu, deputy general manager, stressed: “The market needs to have a deep understanding of the current industry situation, to see the essence through the phenomenon, clearly know what the deep-seated reasons behind the difficult appearance, in order to proactively adjust and change. “The store needs to change its thinking quickly from the manager to the service provider, both to serve the merchants in the store, but also to serve consumers. Stores and merchants to become a true community of destiny, together with the concerted efforts to do a good job for the consumer service, so as to form a virtuous cycle, to achieve sustainable development.

Market merchants: self-help, adversarial war, in danger to seize the opportunity

Affected by the epidemic, Wuhan merchants in 2020, the overall loss of merchants in various markets is much greater than the new, after the epidemic, some merchants directly choose to withdraw, there are some merchants with the mentality of trying to support a period of time, but also chose to leave the field or turn to the warehouse business. Of course, there are more brave people bucking the trend, expansion stores or new stores opened a lot, such as Philips Hubei Operations Center after the epidemic, the new store opened officially began operations, Ochs Hubei Operations Center is also in the epidemic after the renovation and opening, in addition to Fu Man Tang, Rays Burkley, Vanke lighting have different degrees of expansion of the store upgrade.

On a national scale, the impact of the 2020 epidemic on the Wuhan market was more obvious: customer flow was significantly reduced and dealer input shrunk. From a deeper level, it accelerated the industry to step into the process of transformation and upgrading, adjustment and reshuffling. In addition, under the influence of policies such as hardcover housing, sales channels are gradually diversified, the store is no longer a single purchase channel, coupled with the changing needs of consumers, they need more one-stop solutions, rather than a single traditional product supply. These have brought considerable challenges to the market, but also stimulate the market to actively and quickly seek transformation.

For future operations, Wuhan stores will also make improvements. Hanalei Plaza will conduct a comprehensive assessment and grading of the existing tenants from 2021 onwards, based on the comprehensive situation of the contribution, loyalty, and activity cooperation of the tenants in the store, as a reference standard for the lease renewal policy, to fully mobilize the linkage enthusiasm of the tenants and the store. In addition, Hanalei Plaza overturns the tradition of a one-year lease contract to encourage the long-term and stable operation of merchants, and will also give policy tilt to merchants who upgrade their store image and products. In addition, the person in charge also said that he would continue to increase support for marketing activities and brand promotion, and actively expand customers and attract traffic.

The epidemic is a disaster and a challenge for the Wuhan lighting market, and it is a retrograde step to go against the current. The epidemic has accelerated the organic integration of stores and merchants’ resources, which is conducive to giving full play to their respective advantages and keeping up with consumer demand, and will definitely explode with great energy in the future.

Market activities: Rays, Oppel, Philips heavy attack

From the perspective of brand performance, the epidemic accelerated the differentiation of the brand, the strength of the brand continues to explode energy, continued to make efforts to consolidate the brand position, there are some brands that can not stand the test gradually fade out of the market, the overall activities of the Wuhan brand in 2020 reduced, but there are several more shocking industry activities.

Rays Lighting were held in April, November, 10,000 people factory purchase activities, each activity harvested more than 1,000 owners tens of thousands of people involved in the activities, orders are also more than 1,000 single, successfully helped dealers deal with the store backlog inventory, and expand the influence of Rays Lighting in Hubei;

Apple Lighting held a 2020 circulation channel new product launch in September, divided into two large sessions, one in Xiangyang and one in Huangshi, with thousands of dealers participating in each session, which enhanced the confidence of dealers and comprehensively improved the brand influence.

Philips Hubei operation center held a new product conference in September, launched a variety of new products in the fall, consolidating the channel stability, harvesting 3.78 million yuan of order results, it is worth mentioning that Philips operation center is officially operated only after the epidemic, the outstanding achievements in 2020, caused a wide range of industry buzz.

Dealer performance: not afraid of difficulties, proactive breakout

In terms of dealer development, the poor environment is a litmus test, which can better test a dealer’s all-round ability. In 2020, there is no shortage of excellent performers in Wuhan, such as Tianhao Meijia, Oppel Home, Raysbury, Suntory, Fu Man Tang, Juihao Lighting, Wuguang Ten-color, etc. They all have different degrees of excellent performance.

Five Light Ten Color Hubei Operations Center Yu Aozhang said that the best category in sales in 2020 is the minimalist modern style, Hubei Operations Center focus on the main wholesale channel, channel sinking steadily, adding more than 20 channel outlets, brand publicity increased live with goods, a small video and other new ways of publicity. Although the direct sales brought by this method is very limited, but in the diversion of offline, increase the influence of the brand has a non-negligible role.

Philips Hubei operation center in 2020 is also very outstanding performance, Philips operation center before the epidemic in preparation, the epidemic delayed the official operation, Wuhan in April 2020 after the unsealing of the formal operation, but in just a few months the channel network growth faster, the distributor acceptance is higher, the operation center in the brand publicity, channel vigorously support the transformation of the terminal stores, promote the transformation of the distributor business ideas, promote and build integrated stores, elite stores, do not do big and full, take the “small but fine, small but beautiful, small but specialized” route.

The performance of Guanhua Lighting in 2020 is also remarkable, the performance growth is obvious, stores and distribution outlets have a breakthrough, currently more than 40 Guanhua stores throughout Hubei Province, distribution outlets more than 100, there are several stores under negotiation to prepare for renovation after the year, in general, Guanhua Lighting because of stable product quality, high-cost performance, very good reputation in prefecture-level cities and county-level cities, coupled with the branch team is very strong, the results in 2020 is quite good, general manager Li Sanyan said, I hope the new year can get more support from the head office, the results to a higher level.

Product category: modern simple, no main light design continues to be sought after

In terms of product categories, modern minimalist style and no main light design are continuously sought after in the Wuhan market, and the heat is higher. The simplistic design of no main light and uniform light is increasingly loved by young people, while no main light design mainly uses downlights, spotlights, magnetic lights, line lights, etc. These categories have naturally become the darlings of market circulation. The market product performance of the better brands are Rays, Oppel, Philips, Song Wei, Hongguang, Woodland, Suntory, Guanhua, Huayi, Ouman, etc…

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, general manager of Bailey lighting Xiang Tao believes that no main light design is undoubtedly the future direction of development in the field of lighting. 2020 epidemic swept the whole of humanity, the lighting industry has collectively experienced a baptism, for the enterprise brand is an opportunity is also a challenge, the epidemic accelerated the metamorphosis of the industry, industry development has stood at the cusp of the storm, the diversified development of channels, the mainstream consumer groups in the continuous Change, the rejuvenation of designers is also changing the consumer channels and lighting product demand, consumers now pay great attention to the shopping environment experience, personalized, intelligent has become the mainstream of development. In recent years, no main light design has become a popular direction, lighting is not only limited to lighting and decoration, but consumer expertise is also getting stronger and stronger, the requirements for lighting are increasingly high, no main light design to meet the aesthetics of young people, to create a personalized atmosphere, is undoubtedly the mainstream direction of future development in the field of lighting.


landscape lighting

March 1 came into force! The use of large areas of neon lights is strictly prohibited, Wuhan for landscape lighting regulations

Landscape lighting to use energy-efficient lamps and lanterns and advanced light control methods. Prohibit the use of powerful searchlights, high-power floodlights, large neon lights and other super brightness, super energy lamps and lanterns. Set up landscape lighting facilities to coordinate with the surrounding environment, shall not affect public safety or the attached buildings, structures, structural safety.

Wuhan Municipal Government official website announced the “Wuhan City, landscape lighting management measures. The measures shall come into force on March 1, 2021.

Four types of regional buildings
Structures should be set up landscape lighting facilities

Set up landscape lighting facilities should be in line with the special planning of landscape lighting. Prohibit the violation of the landscape lighting special planning to set their own landscape lighting facilities. Prohibit the setting of landscape lighting facilities in the cultural relics buildings, old trees, and wetland nature reserves.

“Measures” clearly, the following areas of buildings and structures should be set up landscape lighting facilities.
The two rivers and four shores, East Lake, and other core areas of buildings and structures.
Yellow Crane Tower, Turtle Mountain TV Tower, and other landmark nature of buildings, structures.
Airports, railway stations, and other important window facilities.
Other areas that really need to set up landscape lighting.

Prohibit the following six types of behavior

“Measures” provides that no unit and individual shall not implement the following acts of damage, damage to landscape lighting facilities.
(1) in the landscape lighting facilities within a safe distance, unauthorized tree planting, digging pits for soil or set other objects, or dumping of corrosive substances containing acid, alkali, salt or corrosive waste slag, waste liquid.
(2) unauthorized in the landscape lighting facilities on the erection of cables, placement of other facilities, or access to power.
(3) the unauthorized implementation of blasting, drilling, excavation, burning, and other activities above the landscape lighting pipeline.
(4) unauthorized relocation, removal, use of landscape lighting facilities.
(5) unauthorized operation of landscape lighting facilities switch or change their mode of operation.
(6) other acts that cause damage or interference to the normal safe operation of landscape lighting facilities.

The use of large neon lights and other ultra-bright lamps is strictly prohibited

“Measures” provides that landscape lighting design should be in line with the “City Night Lighting Design Code” related requirements, scientific determination of landscape lighting creative features and methods, landscape lighting brightness, power density values, etc., taking into account historical, cultural, architectural, environmental and other factors, in line with heritage conservation units, historical landscape areas, and excellent historical buildings protection management requirements, shall not destroy the historical and cultural landscape.

Set up landscape lighting facilities should be in line with the technical specifications of landscape lighting, implementation program requirements, and the surrounding environment in harmony; shall not affect public safety or the attached buildings, structures, structural safety, shall not affect the surrounding road traffic, airports, railroads, and other special signal lights normal use. Involved in wetland parks, mountains, and urban greening areas set up landscape lighting facilities, should seek the views of the greening authorities.

Landscape lighting should be in line with national and provincial and municipal regulations on energy conservation, a reasonable choice of lighting methods, the use of energy-efficient lamps and lanterns, and advanced light control methods. The use of powerful searchlights, high-powered floodlights, large neon lights, and other super brightness, super energy lamps and lanterns is strictly prohibited.


night economy

The “night economy” into the two sessions of high-frequency words, landscape lighting will usher in new opportunities!

At present, many places in the country into the “two sessions” time. In the photo, network combing found that the word “night economy” has been mentioned many times and become a high-frequency word around the two sessions. The nighttime economy that has blossomed everywhere is facing a boom, but it also faces the problem of how to increase patronage and maintain vitality. To this end, CPPCC members actively for the local “night economy” construction advice.

Promote the city lighting from functional to cultural upgrade; cultivate “net red” card place, explore the night business model; create a new landmark of the night economy; build a brand, strengthen the “night economy”; create a “night economy “Light up the “night gold city” ….. In 2021, the whole country will continue to strengthen the construction of a “night economy” to achieve high-quality development.

Fujian Quanzhou
★Municipal CPPCC Hong Kong and Macao member Liou Wenbo: promote urban lighting from functional to cultural upgrade

Hong Kong and Macao members of the CPPCC Liou Wenbo suggested that from the perspective of top-level design, the two river basins (Jinjiang River and Luoyang River) should be planned in an integrated manner, with different levels and distinctive theme areas designed to enhance the coastal landscape and create a new image of the modern city of Quanzhou with high value.

Carefully design the landscape zones along the rivers at night. The night view of the city is an important part of the urban landscape, and it is necessary to create a new landscape of “Quanzhou on the upper reaches of the river”, and to create a night cruise and light show from the shoots river bridge to the Jinjiang river bridge basin to revitalize the flow of tourists across the river.

Promote urban lighting from functional to cultural upgrade. It is recommended to learn from Suzhou, Hangzhou, and other water-friendly city practices, the introduction of the “cultural landscape lighting” concept, to promote functional lighting, landscape lighting to cultural lighting transformation and upgrading. Focus on building the lighting landscape along the two rivers, call lighting at different levels, rendering bridges, buildings, barges, greenery, etc., with the help of modern means of expression, lighting and the ancient city, the new area of humanities and history and landscape style, the integration of technology and artistic thinking for lighting design, so that lighting emits a cultural atmosphere, reflecting Quanzhou’s sense of historical importance and urban landscape idyllic scenery.

★ Municipal CPPCC member Lin Haiyun: Cultivate “net red” card places to explore the night business model

CPPCC member Lin Haiyun believes that the development of the nighttime economy should create a touchable and palpable consumption scene for citizens and tourists, and create a nighttime economic model with the characteristics of the ancient city. Should sort out and integrate some of Quanzhou’s special cultural resources into it, such as Nanyin, Gaojia, Liyuan, speaking ancient forms of traditional arts with southern Fujian characteristics through the combination of modern technology, innovative forms of interpretation, try to perform in landmark places, to create a new model of “culture + technology + tourism” nighttime economy.

★ Municipal CPPCC member Li Yuyuan: refer to the north, open cultural venues at night

CPPCC member Li Yuyuan said that in order to develop the night economy, many museums, art museums, and other cultural venues in the north and the south have opened night venues, becoming a new option for urban nightlife. Quanzhou City should also explore the night operation mode of cultural venues suitable for its own reality, but also a new way to promote the development of the night economy.

Shandong Texas
CPPCC member Liu Yongtao: open up Yuying Street, to create a new landmark of the night economy

Since the Dezhou Municipal Government issued 20 views on the prosperity of the night economy, has achieved very good results, Yuying Street (University Road – Youth Road) between the night market is particularly hot, but because this is the traffic section, whenever the night market began, this road is also unable to pass motor vehicles, more or less caused inconvenience.

Liu Yongtao suggested that the coordination of opening the University Road to the orchard Road section of Yuying Street, the activation of both sides of the market houses, the current night market snack street north, so that the University Road to the orchard Road between Yuying Street into the old city set of snacks, culture in one of the new landmarks of the night economy.

Anhui Anqing
CPPCC member Gao Shen Gui: to create a brand, to strengthen the “night economy”

“Light a light, gold million taels.” How to make a bigger and stronger “night economy”, light up the night of Anqing city? CPPCC member Gao Shen Gui suggested that through policy guidance, adjust the layout of the industry, etc., to promote the “night economy” quality upgrade, to inject new momentum into the economic development of Anqing.

Accurate positioning of consumer demand, reflecting the regional characteristics and cultural connotations. To further excavate the local history and cultural elements of Anqing, promote the excellent traditional culture of Huangmei opera, through performing arts associations, business institutions, etc. to cultivate Huangmei opera, concerts, and other types of night cultural and artistic projects to enrich the theater night cultural and performing arts activities.

Differentiate the existing commercial complexes, build a series of North Main Street, Dekuan Road, seven streets night market economic zone, planning to create a number of characteristics of the Linghu opera culture, Yulin Road Riverside old brand, do bright “a street a product”.

Establish a management mechanism to enhance the level of support services and protection. To strengthen the construction of public infrastructure; improve night traffic services, optimize public transport routes.

Focus on brand building, increase consumer guidance and publicity. To create “night Anqing” as the theme, fully explore the night consumption resources, create a high-quality night business consumption environment, Daguan District, Yingjiang District, Anqing Economic Development Zone can each build a “night economy” gathering area, Yixiu District to create rural night market town. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agricultural caravans, and vigorously develop boutique B&B, leisure experience, and other business models.

Lanzhou, Gansu
CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggests: creating a “night economy” to light up the “night golden city”

The prosperity of the city cannot be separated from the support of the “night economy”, at the two sessions of Lanzhou City, CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggested building the “night economy” from four aspects, so that the “night economy” lights up In the two sessions of Lanzhou City, CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggested to build “night economy” from four aspects, so that “night economy” can light up the “night city” and add strength to the economic development of Lanzhou City.

Create a diversified night consumption mode. Around the theme of enriching nightlife, developing “night economy”, and creating a “nocturnal golden city”, taking the night economy as a breakthrough, focusing on improving and upgrading the night consumption facilities and enriching the night service functions, in the “food, tourism, residence, entertainment, sports, performance, museums By providing diversified “night economy” services, meeting the night consumption needs of citizens and tourists, continuously expanding the tourism industry chain in Lanzhou, striving to build a Lanzhou night consumption model with unique characteristics, health, and fashion, and diversified business modes, and gradually enhancing the nighttime vitality of the provincial capital, and improving citizens’ happiness. The city’s tourism industry chain will be continuously expanded to meet the needs of citizens and tourists at night.

Create a new landmark of “Golden City at Night”. Based on the landscape belt of Yellow River Style Line, HongYun JinMao in Chengguan District, Lanzhou Center in Qilihe District, and Jincheng Center in Xingu District, multiple “Night Golden City” landmarks are built around the themes of high-end leading, cross-border integration, and vitality and fashion, and “night economy” with innovative leading and brand attraction is vigorously developed. “Night Golden City” landmarks, business districts, and living circles to support the transformation and upgrading of night lighting and beautification projects, improve the night signage system, landscape features, leisure facilities, lighting facilities, sanitation facilities, public WiFi, and other supporting facilities construction; encourage enterprises in Encourage enterprises to carry out nighttime promotional activities such as shopping, dining, culture, fitness, and entertainment in the landmark business district of “Night Golden City”, and organize a series of consumption promotion activities such as “Enjoy Lanzhou – Shopping Golden City”, national food culture festival, beer square culture activities, light show, and other nighttime theme activities. activities.

Enhance the business circle of “Night Golden City”. It is suggested to build several “Night Golden City” business circles in Dongfang Hong Square, Wanda Square, Xiguan Cross, Nanguan Cross, Lanzhou Center, Lanzhou Old Street, Yellow River Building, Olympic Sports Center, West Station Cross, Jinniu Street, Central Business District, Central Exchange Square, Joy Plaza, Zhonghai Square, etc., so as to form “dining consumption, business tourism, culture, and sports” integrated development. The “night economy” consumption atmosphere of “business tourism, culture, and sports” integrated development, improve the “night economy” consumption quality, radiation drive the consumption of the surrounding areas. Support the central city scenic spots to launch healthy and standardized night entertainment boutique programs and resident performance projects, organize night tour projects in White Tower Hill Park, Wuquanshan Park, Yandina Park, Silver Beach Wetland Park, Jincheng Park, and other places, and create Lanzhou’s net-worthy attractions “card” place.

Cultivate the “Night Golden City” living circle. It is suggested to cultivate several “Night Golden City” living circles in the four urban areas such as Zhengning Road, Gannan Road, Zhangye Road, Jianlian Road, Jinniu Street, Park Road, Hengshui Road, Shandan Street, and other high-traffic areas, improve infrastructure and supporting services, and facilitate residents’ nighttime consumption. At the same time, the implementation of a district policy, in the “night city” around the circle of life, the organization of cultural, tourism, shopping, catering, and other themes for the weekend and holiday boutique night market activities, support brand chain enterprises to increase the construction of 24-hour convenience stores layout, and actively encourage shopping malls, shopping centers to extend business hours, during the holidays to carry out “No closing” evening promotional activities, to carry out “competition to swim the Yellow River” “urban night running” and other night sports activities.

★ Provincial CPPCC member Chen Qing: the preparation of Haikou “night economy” urban construction planning

Provincial CPPCC member Chen Qing suggested inviting well-known experts and entrepreneurs in various fields at home and abroad to face-to-face meetings, seminars and field visits, division of labor, the whole Haikou a chessboard timely preparation of Haikou “night economy” urban construction planning, reasonable layout of Haikou “night economy” area, strengthen the top-level design, feasibility, operability and practicality of the plan, focus on the “night economy” characteristics, focus on the actual effectiveness of the implementation of the plan, to create Haikou “night economy” urban cultural tourism characteristics of the city circle.

★ CPPCC members Lin Yujing, Su Wen, Du Jinggang: the development of Sanya characteristics of the “night economy”

“During the two sessions of Sanya, CPPCC members Lin Yujing, Su Wen, and Du Jinggang suggested in a joint proposal to develop Sanya’s special “night economy” by improving supporting facilities, increasing policies, financial support, and tax incentives.

Lin Yujing and others in the proposal, to expand the brand effect, the relevant departments in Sanya in accordance with the goal of creating national and provincial night economy demonstration blocks, high standards, the high starting point for the planning and construction of the night economy in the region, and through three-dimensional marketing and publicity, the concept of “night Sanya, tide life” to the country, amplifying the island night market The brand effect of the island night market culture will be amplified. To enrich the night tour experience, promote the development of culture, entertainment industry, create cultural tourism products, night sports and fitness activities, and other key work, cultivate a number of net red night goods, to create a number of night consumption net red spots, net red night neighborhoods, night tourism card points.

Deputy to the Huanggang Municipal People’s Congress, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and county mayor Tian Hongguang: to create a night-time tourism economy, so that tourists are fascinated by the Ying Shan

“The development of cultural industries in Yingshan County is slow, with few leading enterprises, and the effect of leveraging local economic development is not obvious enough.” Tian Hongguang said that Yingshan County will create a night tourism economy, create a boutique performance program, the tourists from transit tour to overnight tour, the tourists stay in Yingshan so that more tourists are hooked on Yingshan.

Changsha Municipal People’s Congress Representative Li Zhi: combining cultural characteristics to create core night-time economy shopping districts and landmarks

At present, the biggest obstacle to the development of the night economy in most cities is the single product structure, blindly follow the trend, and the lack of cultural connotation and local characteristics. Changsha Municipal People’s Congress Representative Li Zhi suggested that a brand should be established to build a model of Hunan night economy, focusing on building a special Hunan night economy circle with Changsha City as the core and the surrounding central cities as support. Create a number of core night-time economic shopping districts and landmarks, and plan and build night-time economic clusters rich in local Hunan characteristics.

Night tour projects such as water night tours, water shows, and thematic light shows can also be developed around inner lakes such as Xiangjiang River, Yueyang Dongting Lake, Changde Liuye Lake, and Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake simultaneously. At night, the Yuelu Academy will be opened and “night academy” and “night lecture hall” will be held.

Changsha CPPCC member Liu Xiang: the use of big data platform to create a unique personality of Changsha

On how to promote Changsha’s nighttime economy, Liu Xiang suggested accelerating the integration of culture and tourism to build new scenes, supporting the business model of “Netflix+Culture”, digging deeper into Changsha’s historical and cultural heritage, and constantly enriching the cultural flavor, so that nighttime Changsha not only exudes the charm of fashion and trend but also reflects the spiritual and cultural temperament.

Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive information management command platform. Through the big data platform, the operating hours and scale of the city’s nighttime public transportation will be dynamically scheduled to provide consumers with more convenient travel services. At the same time, city managers should also balance the needs of the night economy development in commercial areas with the residential needs of residents in residential areas, and take into account the needs of local residents for nightlife and foreign tourists for fun, to increase the charm of Changsha as a city and create the unique personality of Changsha’s night economy.

Changsha 15th National People’s Congress Representative Chen Shu: Optimize the city’s night scene and boost the city’s night economy

Chen Shu suggested that Changsha should prepare and improve the overall night scene lighting guidelines and implementation plan. In the night scene lighting, consider and plan from multiple dimensions such as aesthetics, humanities, environmental protection and energy-saving, climate conditions, and topographic environment. In the optimization of the night lighting program, it is recommended to change and improve the brightness, color, lighting methods, and other issues, for the city night scene reasonable “color”.

Chen Shu said, in the city before the implementation of large landmarks lighting program, Changsha can consider the implementation of expert review and social hearing system. Night scene style can be subdivided according to the region and the surrounding environment, with a more distinctive Changsha night scene to help promote the development of the city’s night economy.


Summary, Jiangsu market is very cold, it is difficult to make money, the practitioners are very hard ……

2020 is an unexpected event stirring and very difficult year anxiety even pervades the entire industry. In the unusually low market, which brands make a breakthrough, which companies fade out of the jungle? What products are still doing well, and which categories are showing weakness? How to accurately grasp the rapidly changing industry, how to enhance confidence and courage, and how to change ideas to meet the brutal market baptism, are testing our minds. The lighting province of Jiangsu’s market performance may be able to bring us some ideas or inspiration.

The current state of the market: popularity worries, the rebound is difficult to term

Although 2019 we generally predict that the situation in 2020 is not optimistic, I did not expect it to be so, or poor to let people speechless. Sales of less than thirty to fifty percent of the business abound, some even only a third of the peak or less. Market around the province, basically show more in less out of the situation, nearly half of the lamps and lanterns market closed is not alone, there are up to 80% of the rate of closure or simply changed to do other categories. Barely open, most of them are also cold, businessmen and shopkeepers are listless, the store’s lights are also open less. Correspondingly, most of the light city around the store rent exists in varying degrees of downward adjustment or concessions, the market party service mentality since the better, some new lamps and lanterns market project is suspended or rotten. There is even an “anomaly” phenomenon: the location of particularly good stores in the past is certainly to book in advance, now as long as you have money to open a store, to find a good location store has not been a difficult task.

In order to survive, manufacturers and wholesalers see money, the region does not set up a protection system, put goods everywhere, the area between the string of goods is no longer strictly accountable, or even tacit or disguised encouragement. Not only small and medium-sized enterprises, but some well-known brands in the industry also operate in this way, so that the market terminal merchants are angry, but there is nothing they can do. At the same time, the inquiry has become very easy, some of the original prices are not transparent big brand products, the market is very easy to ask the price to get the goods.

Affected by this, manufacturers are more cautious to open dealer meetings, whether frequency or scale, are significantly shrink than in previous years. Terminal advertising and salesmen sent to the market, but also a significant reduction.

Business is not good, it is difficult to control the purchase of links, the slightest inadvertence will be stalled backlog, looking at the pile of goods, depressed feelings can be imagined. Once a merchant out of the industry when emptying the warehouse, a million inventory of only seven thousand, shocking. Jiangsu market sandwiched between Changzhou and Linyi, two major wholesale lighting market, because of the huge magnetic effect, many consumers can directly to the two major distribution centers to buy lights, some of the city and county retail business washed up miserable, the merchants screaming for more.

Category: differentiation is obvious, merchants follow the hot spots

At the product category level, it seems that there is no recognized particularly popular not worry about sales. Crystal lamps, European-style lamps, lucite lamps, traditional Chinese, and other products are not as popular as in the past, sales pressure is not small. Light luxury, Scandinavian style, modern minimalist, new Chinese, and other categories of products, has become the absolute mainstream of the market, go larger. But at the same time, do more business, these categories of stores, monopoly areas abound in the market. Not open monopoly will also be in the store with some. In the cultural tourism economy and the night landscape economy hot moment driven by the effect, do outdoor lighting and lighting engineering business is good, and even some are too busy. There are projects around the country so that the envy of peers. Doing lights, fan lights, emergency lights, magnetic lights, and other seemingly niche products of the business, but another piece of heaven, life seems not bad.

The big brand enterprise full category operation, to achieve one-stop shopping lights, the impact on small and medium-sized brand enterprises. Hardware channels, township channels, super channels, by more and more brands are concerned about, into the early or layout of deep, the harvest is very rich. But these types of channels are very fierce competition, the product is mainly concentrated in the light source, kitchen and bathroom lights, bath bar, panel lights, home furnishing class downlight, light strip, bracket and other categories, the scale effect of the enterprise and product cost performance requirements are high, it can be said that not miscellaneous brand enterprises can play.

No main light design, in southern Jiangsu city to promote very well, its design concept has been recognized by the majority of owners. Zhangjiagang City, general manager of Datang Lighting Qian Yongxin said bluntly that the local market to buy lights, half of them consult no main lights. With its high proportion, some regions may not be able to imagine for a while. Driven by the trend, some past businessmen doing flower lamps or modern lamps, also began to get involved in the field of masterless lamps, have decorated independent masterless lamp scene experience room in the store.

Network impact: the psychological level of impact is greater

Between brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce platforms, it seems to have formed a dynamic of this and that. In the past, only facing competition from professional online shopping platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Poundland, etc. With the comprehensive strike of Jitterbug, Volcano, Racer, WeChat and other popular social software platforms and the continued explosion of live-streaming with goods, for the physical stores, it is adding insult to injury to a precarious degree. The net red demonstration, live with goods, just like a brand standard. And online sales platform continues to improve and upgrade, improve its credibility, good sense and experience, there will be more and more consumers are attracted and locked.

How big is the scale of e-commerce? Zou District, Changzhou City, only the town, there are as many as 1200 professional online sales. The scale of the giant, as can be seen. Online access to Changzhou Zou District, such as a large distribution center for lighting products, the impact is still small, after all, “embankment loss outside the embankment to make up for”. The rest of the regional lamps and lanterns market, the businessman is not a first-hand source of goods, the price lack of competitiveness, can not do e-commerce, only to watch the local clientele was robbed, called in vain.

Online sales platform on the impact of physical stores, a greater degree of impact from the psychological level. E-commerce has been in the initiative to attack, physical stores are passive strokes, it can also be said that the latter neither the power to fight, more power to fight back, can only be beaten passively. Accompanied by the major e-commerce platform sales data released during the big promotion, again and again to provoke the fragile nerve of the entity business, and the impact of the energy and trembling strength is huge, unprecedented.

See the real chapter under the slow market, pragmatic and pragmatic heart can be period

The market is very cold it is difficult to make money, the practitioners are very desperate. Survival, or has become the current imperative of the lighting people. In this context, people are generally more rational and pragmatic. Do retail, no longer the pursuit of opening large stores or open multiple stores. Light asset operation, survival first, and then seek development. Or with the trend of keeping up with the popular categories and popular models, to take advantage of the wind power to move forward easily.

Many business owners have often lamented that, in the face of the new situation, the new situation, the old ways used in the past is obviously no longer good. To continue to play, or want to build an evergreen business, you need to breakthrough, and the need to constantly seek new breakthroughs. Facing the wall only to break the wall, it is difficult to reward Tao Hai is also a hero.

The good thing is, in the market, some businesses have figured out a lot of appropriate method and successful experience. Nanjing Chuang Yi Jia deep plowing invisible channels for twenty years, taking one landmark lighting project after another, sales of up to one billion. Xinghua Xu Bingcai successfully operated the local high-end social circle, sales are guaranteed, profits are also good. Changzhou Jane a electrical appliances, hand in hand with the well-known brand Zhejiang Sunshine, successfully achieve brand upgrading and sales pull up, widely peer attention. Jiangsu Jing Sheng lighting, the construction of strong branches, channels down, deep distribution, full penetration of the township market, only in a prefecture-level city of Suzhou sales that is up to 20 to 30 million, so that peers can not be expected. Nanjing Jianzheng lighting in its traditional engineering strengths outside, actively embrace the Internet, the use of Tmall International, Amazon, and other platforms to promote products overseas, living both scenery and nourishing. Taizhou Zhongjia lighting and Gao’s lighting are cross-border operations, through the furniture or custom closet business to help bring a lot of popularity and promote the sales of lighting categories. Such and such, to name a few. Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing their talents.



this is the place neon sign

From selling lights to sell light, “new wholesale” how to upgrade from products, channels, brands!

2021 is a brand new year, and a newborn year for the industry.

We are pleased to see that the majority of manufacturers began to return to the essence of lighting, to the light; consumers also began to pay for light, for professional services. The new era, new rules, new opportunities, from selling lights across to sell light, need to the product, channel, brand for a comprehensive upgrade.

First, the product upgrade. Before consumers focus on the shape, brightness, and price of lamps and lanterns, factories in order to meet consumers, are constantly changing a variety of shapes and styles, and constantly improve the brightness of LED lamp beads and reduce product prices. Product upgrade is to shift from the past to fancy shapes, high brightness, low prices to the full spectrum, high color rendering index, professional light distribution, scene design, and other light values as the leading high-quality product orientation.

Second, the channel upgrade. Since the reform and opening up, China is a seller’s market dominated by the lighting market dealers, tight economy led to no shortage of traffic in any market, dealers as long as the store, open a large store, open more stores will have greater sales, better business. Today has been transformed into a buyer’s market of channel fragmentation, the channel from the past factory to the dealer to sit and wait for consumers at the door, upgrade to the factory to the dealer and then to the designer, home improvement companies, to professional services to obtain services within the radius of the consumer, the author called the “new wholesale”, compared to the previous traditional wholesale channels more hidden, the interests The chain is also longer.

Therefore, the need for companies to have a professional positioning, standardized market control system, sufficient interest support and relatively opaque price system. In this regard, the advantage of the industry leader brand has become a disadvantage, the market belongs to each segment of the professional brand.

Again, the brand upgrade. From the past blindly expand the whole category, trying to meet all consumers’ needs for all products, to positioning services for a specific level of consumer groups, a specific category of products of professional brands, the best to make the brand become synonymous with a subdivision of the product category.

In a word, the brand concentration of through-flow products will become higher and higher, and the industry will no longer have the opportunity to create such a volume of brands as Opple and Rays, professional lighting will become the industry’s new blue ocean, more and more subdivided categories, constantly generating new tracks, more and more hidden channels, and increasingly long benefit distribution chain ……

Today, the “new retail” has fallen to a chicken feather, although there are still people to pay tuition. The “new wholesale” has emerged, focusing on the dealer professional channels, the layout of franchises and training professional lighting designers in the country’s brands have tasted the sweetness.

In the new year, we will adhere to the concept of “the material and the knowledge, keep the right and the new”, in the “line of stability” on the basis of active “innovation”, further focus on resources, enhance the value of services, follow the trend, advocate and service strategic cooperation brands will be “new wholesale” to the end.

We are all messengers of light, always to the light, to the new, to the future!


programmable rgb led strip

The theme of GILE 2021 was released: The present is possible, the future is promising

The 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was successfully concluded in October 2020, which welcomed 2,028 exhibitors and 141,868 professional visitors from 20 countries and regions. The 26th edition will be held from June 9 to 12, 2021 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The show will continue to adopt a cross-platform format, combining physical and online platforms to focus on the future development and business opportunities of global lighting professionals and encourage industry players to continue to move forward in the recovering global lighting industry market.

According to an outlook report by the Optoelectronics Research Division of TrendForce, global LED demand is expected to bottom out in 2021, with an estimated output value of $15.7 billion, up 3.8% annually. Facing the bright future, the theme of the 2021 exhibition will be “The present is possible, the future is promising” to discuss the current breakthroughs in the lighting industry and to look forward to the future trends of the industry. At present, while facing challenges and risks, new opportunities are also breeding, how should lighting people create a new situation? In the future, how should the industry deploy? From the space scene, digital operation, resource integration, new media marketing for in-depth integration and thinking, to achieve the landing operation.

For the theme of the 2021 exhibition, Mr. Hu Zhongshun, General Manager of Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co.

The future is no longer out of reach, it is happening right now, the lighting industry needs to continue to live to light, actively enhance the value of light, to develop a broader “frontier”, including deep ultraviolet UVC LED, intelligent dimming, plant lighting, health lighting, etc., to verify that the Internet + and health lighting is no longer empty talk. At present, the lighting people to move forward, inherit the heavy and solid craftsman’s heart, to try new ideas, new ideas, to make just the right lighting on demand, for the future development of the industry laid a deep foundation, so that the lighting industry with a hundred years of history continue to pass on the flame, ignite the world.

1) Intelligent cross-border, interconnected scenes experience a major trend

With Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Xiaomi, Doodle, Fluorite, and other platforms based on PLC, Bluetooth Mesh, Wifi, Zigbee, and other intelligent lighting interconnection group standards promulgated and landed, the bottleneck of interconnection between platforms will be broken, the most critical barriers to the outbreak of smart home lighting broken, lighting companies can dock with the platform one-stop, R & D costs and personnel investment will be significantly reduced, personal Smart scene experience is greatly enhanced, whether it is smart lighting or smart home will usher in the breaking point and rapid growth. Intelligent lighting and smart home industry for the industry, consumers will bring new experiences and innovation, while with the designer community, engineering design units, new infrastructure planning, and business authorities on the in-depth understanding of intelligent and continuous attempts to follow more intelligent scene applications gradually into people’s work and life.

2) “Light health” to light up the life of the general trend

“Light health” is also the future of the lighting industry’s new blue ocean. The future of health lighting is in response to changes in place and time, adjust the most appropriate light source at the time, is the pursuit of integration with the immediate environment.

In the face of the big future of wisdom and health, Guangzhou Guanghia Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association (SILA) create the first intelligent health cross-border demonstration hall (Hall 9.2) in the 2021 exhibition, to better display the interconnection technology and create intelligent scenes, the demonstration area will be Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Xiaomi, Tencent, Doodle, Heidi, and other platforms Logo authorized unified Logo, convergence platform, lighting brands, solutions, chips, and sensors one-stop show PLC, Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee, Wifi system solutions and scene display area.

2020 is the beginning of a new era, artificial intelligence, energy innovation, post-epidemic, dual cycle become the lighting industry megatrends. GILE will continue to promote industrial innovation, upgrade and transformation and create more industrial cooperation opportunities. opportunities. We hope that every participant will find the right direction of development and win the future that only belongs to them.


addressable rgbw led strip

Great reversal! Lighting exports from January to December 2020 increased by 14.6% year-on-year

On January 14, the General Administration of Customs announced the national export key commodity volume value table for December 2020, showing more clearly the overall situation of the LED lighting export market in 2020.

Customs data show that the December 2020 exports of lamps, lighting fixtures, and their parts amounted to 31.99 billion yuan, and the cumulative January-December 2020 national exports of lamps, lighting fixtures, and their parts totaled 260.20 billion yuan, up 14.6% year-on-year from last year.

And just in the first half of 2020, China’s lamps, lighting fixtures, and their parts exports compared to the same period in 2019 is also a downward trend, the first half of 2020 China’s lamps, lighting fixtures, and their parts exports amounted to 97.12 billion yuan, a decrease of 3.2% over the same period in 2019.

Compared with many companies on the LED lighting market with a pessimistic attitude in the first half of the opening, the final presentation of the overall market situation in 2020 is undoubtedly showing a reversal.


3d led ball light

LED lighting industry chain and market size forecast analysis in 2021

In the past two months since the LED lighting market-related products ushered in a wave of price increases, a number of domestic lighting companies in December last year has been intensively released price increase letter, the price increase of more than 10%. Some institutions believe that in 2021, the bullish LED industry continues to rebound, lighting benefits from the continued increase in concentration; display, the new infrastructure will significantly drive the reversal of LED display demand. Woodland is a major player in the global LED packaging industry. Lazard is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, and sales of LED application products, and a joint venture with Taiwan Epistar Microelectronics MicroLED display mass production base was officially put into production.

As LED chip technology and process continue to update and iterate, LED lighting products luminous efficiency, technical performance, product quality, cost economics continue to significantly improve; coupled with industry chain-related enterprises and investment continues to increase, LED light source manufacturing and supporting industry production and manufacturing technology continues to upgrade, the end product scale production cost economics to further improve, LED lighting products have now become Home lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, backlighting display and other applications of mainstream applications, LED lighting products to replace traditional lighting products market penetration rate continues to rise, the market demand continues to grow.

From the industry chain, the LED lighting industry chain upstream is substrate production and epitaxial wafer production, midstream industry for the production of LED chips, downstream for LED packaging and display, backlight applications, automotive lighting, general lighting, and other applications. Among them, the upstream epitaxial wafer and midstream chip production is the key technology of LED, with high technology content and large capital investment, as well as the most fierce international competition and the largest business risks.


maxonar led light strip

Many Mini LED-related companies receive institutional research, focusing on capacity, price and application areas

Production capacity

Regarding the production capacity, Zhachi shares said that the company has relevant technology and patent reserves in Mini LED chips, and the existing latest equipment in the industry can also produce Mini LED products. In terms of packaging, the company has relevant utility models and invention patents, and the technical team is also a senior in the industry. In addition, the company also cooperates with international first-tier brands in research and development and strives to achieve the international leading level of relevant technology. The company’s Mini LED packaging products for backlight and direct display are currently in mass production, and cooperate with international and domestic famous brand manufacturers, and will further promote Mini LED related products in the future.

Zhachi also mentioned that, at present, Zhachi Semiconductor’s LED chip sales progress is relatively good, the shipment volume in the industry is stable in the forefront, is currently full production and full sales status, part of the orders on hand because of production capacity still need to be delayed supply, product prices have recently been adjusted upward according to market conditions. Customers, the current proportion of external sales of nearly 60%, continue to supply to domestic manufacturers and Taiwan manufacturers, have passed the Korean manufacturer’s factory inspection, and have begun to supply.

Guoxing said as a leading RGB display packaging company, RGB display, especially small pitch, and Mini LED packaging is the company’s current focus on the development of the segment. In terms of product technology, the company has started to ship Mini LEDs in bulk in the first half of 2019 and has successively launched various products such as IMD-M09T, IMD-M07, and IMD-M05, etc. In December 2019, a special Mini LED manufacturing department was established, and the product technology has become more and more mature and widely recognized by customers. Mini LED product orders, the product boom is good, but this piece of production capacity accounted for a small percentage. Therefore, the company plans to further enhance the scale of Mini LED production capacity in the first half of next year, in addition, with the gradual implementation of the company’s 1.9 billion yuan new base expansion project, the company’s overall production capacity scale is also expected to usher in a greater upgrade.


In response to the price issue, Chau Ming Technology believes that the price advantage of Mini LED will gradually emerge from the third quarter of 2021. mini LED is a semiconductor-like product and is expected to drop by about 20%-30% per year on average, which opens up a huge space for future development and will lead the mainstream LED display in the next five years.

Guoxing said that the company in November this year, RGB launched a cost-effective IMD0.9 standard version of the product, gradually break the relevant price bottleneck to meet the broader market demand, to accelerate the commercialization of IMD products.

Refund Optoelectronics, on the other hand, commented on the price of Mini LED TVs. The company said that Mini LED TV is a new product, new technology, the benchmark is OLED TV, in the color display can also be comparable to OLED, and the cost and service life is more advantageous. 2020 belongs to the first year of commercialization of Mini LED, 2021 there will be more Mini LED products on the market, with the maturity of the industry chain, Mini LED As the industry chain matures, the price of Mini LED products will become more affordable. At the same time, the company also said that the price of Mini LED backlight modules varies according to the customer’s requirements for specifications, which include: the number of partitions, light mixing distance, color gamut requirements, chip size, and number, etc.

Market Positioning

For market positioning, Refund Optoelectronics believes that Mini LED backlight products are the most mature direction for technology and application. Compared with OLED, the thickness of LCD panels designed with Mini LED backlight is basically the same as OLED panels, and at the same time, Mini LED backlight products can have more detailed screen performance and lower cost. Comprehensive current technology level, production costs and other factors, small size display will be OLED and Micro LED competition market, while Mini LED’s will focus on medium and large size display, or have the service life requirements of the gaming, automotive and other markets.

Continuum Technology believes that all industries hope to achieve the upgrade of experience and consumption through video, image and animation, LED display is the most advantageous display terminal and solution, and the future application scenarios will be ubiquitous.

Zhachi shares that there are two main uses of Mini LED, one is used as Mini RGB display, the application is mainly indoor, such as traffic monitoring, TV walls, theaters and other large displays with high resolution. This part of the market has a lot of market space, but the application is not expected to be too fast, mainly because the current cost is more expensive, but his dosage is very large, once the cost drops will be a very large market. Another use is used as a backlight, now in the TV, gaming screen and other fields of application more and more, foreign Samsung, Sony, domestic TCL, Skyworth, Hisense, etc. are also actively involved in this part of the market.

Jufei Optoelectronics said, Mini LED backlight is the technology iteration of the traditional backlight, can display higher brightness, higher contrast, higher vividness of high-quality images, can be used in TV, smart screen, gaming, car, high-end notebooks and other flat panel display products, the market demand is large.

Alto believes that the traditional small pitch application scenes are mainly in the field of sports events, airport traffic, sports events, outdoor advertising, etc., Mini LED can replace the original small pitch application scenes, but also expand the conference room, command and control center, educational institutions, TV studio background screen, film shooting background screen and other fields.