Summary, Jiangsu market is very cold, it is difficult to make money, the practitioners are very hard ……

2020 is an unexpected event stirring and very difficult year anxiety even pervades the entire industry. In the unusually low market, which brands make a breakthrough, which companies fade out of the jungle? What products are still doing well, and which categories are showing weakness? How to accurately grasp the rapidly changing industry, how to enhance confidence and courage, and how to change ideas to meet the brutal market baptism, are testing our minds. The lighting province of Jiangsu’s market performance may be able to bring us some ideas or inspiration.

The current state of the market: popularity worries, the rebound is difficult to term

Although 2019 we generally predict that the situation in 2020 is not optimistic, I did not expect it to be so, or poor to let people speechless. Sales of less than thirty to fifty percent of the business abound, some even only a third of the peak or less. Market around the province, basically show more in less out of the situation, nearly half of the lamps and lanterns market closed is not alone, there are up to 80% of the rate of closure or simply changed to do other categories. Barely open, most of them are also cold, businessmen and shopkeepers are listless, the store’s lights are also open less. Correspondingly, most of the light city around the store rent exists in varying degrees of downward adjustment or concessions, the market party service mentality since the better, some new lamps and lanterns market project is suspended or rotten. There is even an “anomaly” phenomenon: the location of particularly good stores in the past is certainly to book in advance, now as long as you have money to open a store, to find a good location store has not been a difficult task.

In order to survive, manufacturers and wholesalers see money, the region does not set up a protection system, put goods everywhere, the area between the string of goods is no longer strictly accountable, or even tacit or disguised encouragement. Not only small and medium-sized enterprises, but some well-known brands in the industry also operate in this way, so that the market terminal merchants are angry, but there is nothing they can do. At the same time, the inquiry has become very easy, some of the original prices are not transparent big brand products, the market is very easy to ask the price to get the goods.

Affected by this, manufacturers are more cautious to open dealer meetings, whether frequency or scale, are significantly shrink than in previous years. Terminal advertising and salesmen sent to the market, but also a significant reduction.

Business is not good, it is difficult to control the purchase of links, the slightest inadvertence will be stalled backlog, looking at the pile of goods, depressed feelings can be imagined. Once a merchant out of the industry when emptying the warehouse, a million inventory of only seven thousand, shocking. Jiangsu market sandwiched between Changzhou and Linyi, two major wholesale lighting market, because of the huge magnetic effect, many consumers can directly to the two major distribution centers to buy lights, some of the city and county retail business washed up miserable, the merchants screaming for more.

Category: differentiation is obvious, merchants follow the hot spots

At the product category level, it seems that there is no recognized particularly popular not worry about sales. Crystal lamps, European-style lamps, lucite lamps, traditional Chinese, and other products are not as popular as in the past, sales pressure is not small. Light luxury, Scandinavian style, modern minimalist, new Chinese, and other categories of products, has become the absolute mainstream of the market, go larger. But at the same time, do more business, these categories of stores, monopoly areas abound in the market. Not open monopoly will also be in the store with some. In the cultural tourism economy and the night landscape economy hot moment driven by the effect, do outdoor lighting and lighting engineering business is good, and even some are too busy. There are projects around the country so that the envy of peers. Doing lights, fan lights, emergency lights, magnetic lights, and other seemingly niche products of the business, but another piece of heaven, life seems not bad.

The big brand enterprise full category operation, to achieve one-stop shopping lights, the impact on small and medium-sized brand enterprises. Hardware channels, township channels, super channels, by more and more brands are concerned about, into the early or layout of deep, the harvest is very rich. But these types of channels are very fierce competition, the product is mainly concentrated in the light source, kitchen and bathroom lights, bath bar, panel lights, home furnishing class downlight, light strip, bracket and other categories, the scale effect of the enterprise and product cost performance requirements are high, it can be said that not miscellaneous brand enterprises can play.

No main light design, in southern Jiangsu city to promote very well, its design concept has been recognized by the majority of owners. Zhangjiagang City, general manager of Datang Lighting Qian Yongxin said bluntly that the local market to buy lights, half of them consult no main lights. With its high proportion, some regions may not be able to imagine for a while. Driven by the trend, some past businessmen doing flower lamps or modern lamps, also began to get involved in the field of masterless lamps, have decorated independent masterless lamp scene experience room in the store.

Network impact: the psychological level of impact is greater

Between brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce platforms, it seems to have formed a dynamic of this and that. In the past, only facing competition from professional online shopping platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Poundland, etc. With the comprehensive strike of Jitterbug, Volcano, Racer, WeChat and other popular social software platforms and the continued explosion of live-streaming with goods, for the physical stores, it is adding insult to injury to a precarious degree. The net red demonstration, live with goods, just like a brand standard. And online sales platform continues to improve and upgrade, improve its credibility, good sense and experience, there will be more and more consumers are attracted and locked.

How big is the scale of e-commerce? Zou District, Changzhou City, only the town, there are as many as 1200 professional online sales. The scale of the giant, as can be seen. Online access to Changzhou Zou District, such as a large distribution center for lighting products, the impact is still small, after all, “embankment loss outside the embankment to make up for”. The rest of the regional lamps and lanterns market, the businessman is not a first-hand source of goods, the price lack of competitiveness, can not do e-commerce, only to watch the local clientele was robbed, called in vain.

Online sales platform on the impact of physical stores, a greater degree of impact from the psychological level. E-commerce has been in the initiative to attack, physical stores are passive strokes, it can also be said that the latter neither the power to fight, more power to fight back, can only be beaten passively. Accompanied by the major e-commerce platform sales data released during the big promotion, again and again to provoke the fragile nerve of the entity business, and the impact of the energy and trembling strength is huge, unprecedented.

See the real chapter under the slow market, pragmatic and pragmatic heart can be period

The market is very cold it is difficult to make money, the practitioners are very desperate. Survival, or has become the current imperative of the lighting people. In this context, people are generally more rational and pragmatic. Do retail, no longer the pursuit of opening large stores or open multiple stores. Light asset operation, survival first, and then seek development. Or with the trend of keeping up with the popular categories and popular models, to take advantage of the wind power to move forward easily.

Many business owners have often lamented that, in the face of the new situation, the new situation, the old ways used in the past is obviously no longer good. To continue to play, or want to build an evergreen business, you need to breakthrough, and the need to constantly seek new breakthroughs. Facing the wall only to break the wall, it is difficult to reward Tao Hai is also a hero.

The good thing is, in the market, some businesses have figured out a lot of appropriate method and successful experience. Nanjing Chuang Yi Jia deep plowing invisible channels for twenty years, taking one landmark lighting project after another, sales of up to one billion. Xinghua Xu Bingcai successfully operated the local high-end social circle, sales are guaranteed, profits are also good. Changzhou Jane a electrical appliances, hand in hand with the well-known brand Zhejiang Sunshine, successfully achieve brand upgrading and sales pull up, widely peer attention. Jiangsu Jing Sheng lighting, the construction of strong branches, channels down, deep distribution, full penetration of the township market, only in a prefecture-level city of Suzhou sales that is up to 20 to 30 million, so that peers can not be expected. Nanjing Jianzheng lighting in its traditional engineering strengths outside, actively embrace the Internet, the use of Tmall International, Amazon, and other platforms to promote products overseas, living both scenery and nourishing. Taizhou Zhongjia lighting and Gao’s lighting are cross-border operations, through the furniture or custom closet business to help bring a lot of popularity and promote the sales of lighting categories. Such and such, to name a few. Eight immortals cross the sea, each showing their talents.



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