The “night economy” into the two sessions of high-frequency words, landscape lighting will usher in new opportunities!

night economy

At present, many places in the country into the “two sessions” time. In the photo, network combing found that the word “night economy” has been mentioned many times and become a high-frequency word around the two sessions. The nighttime economy that has blossomed everywhere is facing a boom, but it also faces the problem of how to increase patronage and maintain vitality. To this end, CPPCC members actively for the local “night economy” construction advice.

Promote the city lighting from functional to cultural upgrade; cultivate “net red” card place, explore the night business model; create a new landmark of the night economy; build a brand, strengthen the “night economy”; create a “night economy “Light up the “night gold city” ….. In 2021, the whole country will continue to strengthen the construction of a “night economy” to achieve high-quality development.

Fujian Quanzhou
★Municipal CPPCC Hong Kong and Macao member Liou Wenbo: promote urban lighting from functional to cultural upgrade

Hong Kong and Macao members of the CPPCC Liou Wenbo suggested that from the perspective of top-level design, the two river basins (Jinjiang River and Luoyang River) should be planned in an integrated manner, with different levels and distinctive theme areas designed to enhance the coastal landscape and create a new image of the modern city of Quanzhou with high value.

Carefully design the landscape zones along the rivers at night. The night view of the city is an important part of the urban landscape, and it is necessary to create a new landscape of “Quanzhou on the upper reaches of the river”, and to create a night cruise and light show from the shoots river bridge to the Jinjiang river bridge basin to revitalize the flow of tourists across the river.

Promote urban lighting from functional to cultural upgrade. It is recommended to learn from Suzhou, Hangzhou, and other water-friendly city practices, the introduction of the “cultural landscape lighting” concept, to promote functional lighting, landscape lighting to cultural lighting transformation and upgrading. Focus on building the lighting landscape along the two rivers, call lighting at different levels, rendering bridges, buildings, barges, greenery, etc., with the help of modern means of expression, lighting and the ancient city, the new area of humanities and history and landscape style, the integration of technology and artistic thinking for lighting design, so that lighting emits a cultural atmosphere, reflecting Quanzhou’s sense of historical importance and urban landscape idyllic scenery.

★ Municipal CPPCC member Lin Haiyun: Cultivate “net red” card places to explore the night business model

CPPCC member Lin Haiyun believes that the development of the nighttime economy should create a touchable and palpable consumption scene for citizens and tourists, and create a nighttime economic model with the characteristics of the ancient city. Should sort out and integrate some of Quanzhou’s special cultural resources into it, such as Nanyin, Gaojia, Liyuan, speaking ancient forms of traditional arts with southern Fujian characteristics through the combination of modern technology, innovative forms of interpretation, try to perform in landmark places, to create a new model of “culture + technology + tourism” nighttime economy.

★ Municipal CPPCC member Li Yuyuan: refer to the north, open cultural venues at night

CPPCC member Li Yuyuan said that in order to develop the night economy, many museums, art museums, and other cultural venues in the north and the south have opened night venues, becoming a new option for urban nightlife. Quanzhou City should also explore the night operation mode of cultural venues suitable for its own reality, but also a new way to promote the development of the night economy.

Shandong Texas
CPPCC member Liu Yongtao: open up Yuying Street, to create a new landmark of the night economy

Since the Dezhou Municipal Government issued 20 views on the prosperity of the night economy, has achieved very good results, Yuying Street (University Road – Youth Road) between the night market is particularly hot, but because this is the traffic section, whenever the night market began, this road is also unable to pass motor vehicles, more or less caused inconvenience.

Liu Yongtao suggested that the coordination of opening the University Road to the orchard Road section of Yuying Street, the activation of both sides of the market houses, the current night market snack street north, so that the University Road to the orchard Road between Yuying Street into the old city set of snacks, culture in one of the new landmarks of the night economy.

Anhui Anqing
CPPCC member Gao Shen Gui: to create a brand, to strengthen the “night economy”

“Light a light, gold million taels.” How to make a bigger and stronger “night economy”, light up the night of Anqing city? CPPCC member Gao Shen Gui suggested that through policy guidance, adjust the layout of the industry, etc., to promote the “night economy” quality upgrade, to inject new momentum into the economic development of Anqing.

Accurate positioning of consumer demand, reflecting the regional characteristics and cultural connotations. To further excavate the local history and cultural elements of Anqing, promote the excellent traditional culture of Huangmei opera, through performing arts associations, business institutions, etc. to cultivate Huangmei opera, concerts, and other types of night cultural and artistic projects to enrich the theater night cultural and performing arts activities.

Differentiate the existing commercial complexes, build a series of North Main Street, Dekuan Road, seven streets night market economic zone, planning to create a number of characteristics of the Linghu opera culture, Yulin Road Riverside old brand, do bright “a street a product”.

Establish a management mechanism to enhance the level of support services and protection. To strengthen the construction of public infrastructure; improve night traffic services, optimize public transport routes.

Focus on brand building, increase consumer guidance and publicity. To create “night Anqing” as the theme, fully explore the night consumption resources, create a high-quality night business consumption environment, Daguan District, Yingjiang District, Anqing Economic Development Zone can each build a “night economy” gathering area, Yixiu District to create rural night market town. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of agricultural caravans, and vigorously develop boutique B&B, leisure experience, and other business models.

Lanzhou, Gansu
CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggests: creating a “night economy” to light up the “night golden city”

The prosperity of the city cannot be separated from the support of the “night economy”, at the two sessions of Lanzhou City, CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggested building the “night economy” from four aspects, so that the “night economy” lights up In the two sessions of Lanzhou City, CPPCC member Chen Yuhui suggested to build “night economy” from four aspects, so that “night economy” can light up the “night city” and add strength to the economic development of Lanzhou City.

Create a diversified night consumption mode. Around the theme of enriching nightlife, developing “night economy”, and creating a “nocturnal golden city”, taking the night economy as a breakthrough, focusing on improving and upgrading the night consumption facilities and enriching the night service functions, in the “food, tourism, residence, entertainment, sports, performance, museums By providing diversified “night economy” services, meeting the night consumption needs of citizens and tourists, continuously expanding the tourism industry chain in Lanzhou, striving to build a Lanzhou night consumption model with unique characteristics, health, and fashion, and diversified business modes, and gradually enhancing the nighttime vitality of the provincial capital, and improving citizens’ happiness. The city’s tourism industry chain will be continuously expanded to meet the needs of citizens and tourists at night.

Create a new landmark of “Golden City at Night”. Based on the landscape belt of Yellow River Style Line, HongYun JinMao in Chengguan District, Lanzhou Center in Qilihe District, and Jincheng Center in Xingu District, multiple “Night Golden City” landmarks are built around the themes of high-end leading, cross-border integration, and vitality and fashion, and “night economy” with innovative leading and brand attraction is vigorously developed. “Night Golden City” landmarks, business districts, and living circles to support the transformation and upgrading of night lighting and beautification projects, improve the night signage system, landscape features, leisure facilities, lighting facilities, sanitation facilities, public WiFi, and other supporting facilities construction; encourage enterprises in Encourage enterprises to carry out nighttime promotional activities such as shopping, dining, culture, fitness, and entertainment in the landmark business district of “Night Golden City”, and organize a series of consumption promotion activities such as “Enjoy Lanzhou – Shopping Golden City”, national food culture festival, beer square culture activities, light show, and other nighttime theme activities. activities.

Enhance the business circle of “Night Golden City”. It is suggested to build several “Night Golden City” business circles in Dongfang Hong Square, Wanda Square, Xiguan Cross, Nanguan Cross, Lanzhou Center, Lanzhou Old Street, Yellow River Building, Olympic Sports Center, West Station Cross, Jinniu Street, Central Business District, Central Exchange Square, Joy Plaza, Zhonghai Square, etc., so as to form “dining consumption, business tourism, culture, and sports” integrated development. The “night economy” consumption atmosphere of “business tourism, culture, and sports” integrated development, improve the “night economy” consumption quality, radiation drive the consumption of the surrounding areas. Support the central city scenic spots to launch healthy and standardized night entertainment boutique programs and resident performance projects, organize night tour projects in White Tower Hill Park, Wuquanshan Park, Yandina Park, Silver Beach Wetland Park, Jincheng Park, and other places, and create Lanzhou’s net-worthy attractions “card” place.

Cultivate the “Night Golden City” living circle. It is suggested to cultivate several “Night Golden City” living circles in the four urban areas such as Zhengning Road, Gannan Road, Zhangye Road, Jianlian Road, Jinniu Street, Park Road, Hengshui Road, Shandan Street, and other high-traffic areas, improve infrastructure and supporting services, and facilitate residents’ nighttime consumption. At the same time, the implementation of a district policy, in the “night city” around the circle of life, the organization of cultural, tourism, shopping, catering, and other themes for the weekend and holiday boutique night market activities, support brand chain enterprises to increase the construction of 24-hour convenience stores layout, and actively encourage shopping malls, shopping centers to extend business hours, during the holidays to carry out “No closing” evening promotional activities, to carry out “competition to swim the Yellow River” “urban night running” and other night sports activities.

★ Provincial CPPCC member Chen Qing: the preparation of Haikou “night economy” urban construction planning

Provincial CPPCC member Chen Qing suggested inviting well-known experts and entrepreneurs in various fields at home and abroad to face-to-face meetings, seminars and field visits, division of labor, the whole Haikou a chessboard timely preparation of Haikou “night economy” urban construction planning, reasonable layout of Haikou “night economy” area, strengthen the top-level design, feasibility, operability and practicality of the plan, focus on the “night economy” characteristics, focus on the actual effectiveness of the implementation of the plan, to create Haikou “night economy” urban cultural tourism characteristics of the city circle.

★ CPPCC members Lin Yujing, Su Wen, Du Jinggang: the development of Sanya characteristics of the “night economy”

“During the two sessions of Sanya, CPPCC members Lin Yujing, Su Wen, and Du Jinggang suggested in a joint proposal to develop Sanya’s special “night economy” by improving supporting facilities, increasing policies, financial support, and tax incentives.

Lin Yujing and others in the proposal, to expand the brand effect, the relevant departments in Sanya in accordance with the goal of creating national and provincial night economy demonstration blocks, high standards, the high starting point for the planning and construction of the night economy in the region, and through three-dimensional marketing and publicity, the concept of “night Sanya, tide life” to the country, amplifying the island night market The brand effect of the island night market culture will be amplified. To enrich the night tour experience, promote the development of culture, entertainment industry, create cultural tourism products, night sports and fitness activities, and other key work, cultivate a number of net red night goods, to create a number of night consumption net red spots, net red night neighborhoods, night tourism card points.

Deputy to the Huanggang Municipal People’s Congress, deputy secretary of the county party committee, and county mayor Tian Hongguang: to create a night-time tourism economy, so that tourists are fascinated by the Ying Shan

“The development of cultural industries in Yingshan County is slow, with few leading enterprises, and the effect of leveraging local economic development is not obvious enough.” Tian Hongguang said that Yingshan County will create a night tourism economy, create a boutique performance program, the tourists from transit tour to overnight tour, the tourists stay in Yingshan so that more tourists are hooked on Yingshan.

Changsha Municipal People’s Congress Representative Li Zhi: combining cultural characteristics to create core night-time economy shopping districts and landmarks

At present, the biggest obstacle to the development of the night economy in most cities is the single product structure, blindly follow the trend, and the lack of cultural connotation and local characteristics. Changsha Municipal People’s Congress Representative Li Zhi suggested that a brand should be established to build a model of Hunan night economy, focusing on building a special Hunan night economy circle with Changsha City as the core and the surrounding central cities as support. Create a number of core night-time economic shopping districts and landmarks, and plan and build night-time economic clusters rich in local Hunan characteristics.

Night tour projects such as water night tours, water shows, and thematic light shows can also be developed around inner lakes such as Xiangjiang River, Yueyang Dongting Lake, Changde Liuye Lake, and Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake simultaneously. At night, the Yuelu Academy will be opened and “night academy” and “night lecture hall” will be held.

Changsha CPPCC member Liu Xiang: the use of big data platform to create a unique personality of Changsha

On how to promote Changsha’s nighttime economy, Liu Xiang suggested accelerating the integration of culture and tourism to build new scenes, supporting the business model of “Netflix+Culture”, digging deeper into Changsha’s historical and cultural heritage, and constantly enriching the cultural flavor, so that nighttime Changsha not only exudes the charm of fashion and trend but also reflects the spiritual and cultural temperament.

Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive information management command platform. Through the big data platform, the operating hours and scale of the city’s nighttime public transportation will be dynamically scheduled to provide consumers with more convenient travel services. At the same time, city managers should also balance the needs of the night economy development in commercial areas with the residential needs of residents in residential areas, and take into account the needs of local residents for nightlife and foreign tourists for fun, to increase the charm of Changsha as a city and create the unique personality of Changsha’s night economy.

Changsha 15th National People’s Congress Representative Chen Shu: Optimize the city’s night scene and boost the city’s night economy

Chen Shu suggested that Changsha should prepare and improve the overall night scene lighting guidelines and implementation plan. In the night scene lighting, consider and plan from multiple dimensions such as aesthetics, humanities, environmental protection and energy-saving, climate conditions, and topographic environment. In the optimization of the night lighting program, it is recommended to change and improve the brightness, color, lighting methods, and other issues, for the city night scene reasonable “color”.

Chen Shu said, in the city before the implementation of large landmarks lighting program, Changsha can consider the implementation of expert review and social hearing system. Night scene style can be subdivided according to the region and the surrounding environment, with a more distinctive Changsha night scene to help promote the development of the city’s night economy.


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