From selling lights to sell light, “new wholesale” how to upgrade from products, channels, brands!

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2021 is a brand new year, and a newborn year for the industry.

We are pleased to see that the majority of manufacturers began to return to the essence of lighting, to the light; consumers also began to pay for light, for professional services. The new era, new rules, new opportunities, from selling lights across to sell light, need to the product, channel, brand for a comprehensive upgrade.

First, the product upgrade. Before consumers focus on the shape, brightness, and price of lamps and lanterns, factories in order to meet consumers, are constantly changing a variety of shapes and styles, and constantly improve the brightness of LED lamp beads and reduce product prices. Product upgrade is to shift from the past to fancy shapes, high brightness, low prices to the full spectrum, high color rendering index, professional light distribution, scene design, and other light values as the leading high-quality product orientation.

Second, the channel upgrade. Since the reform and opening up, China is a seller’s market dominated by the lighting market dealers, tight economy led to no shortage of traffic in any market, dealers as long as the store, open a large store, open more stores will have greater sales, better business. Today has been transformed into a buyer’s market of channel fragmentation, the channel from the past factory to the dealer to sit and wait for consumers at the door, upgrade to the factory to the dealer and then to the designer, home improvement companies, to professional services to obtain services within the radius of the consumer, the author called the “new wholesale”, compared to the previous traditional wholesale channels more hidden, the interests The chain is also longer.

Therefore, the need for companies to have a professional positioning, standardized market control system, sufficient interest support and relatively opaque price system. In this regard, the advantage of the industry leader brand has become a disadvantage, the market belongs to each segment of the professional brand.

Again, the brand upgrade. From the past blindly expand the whole category, trying to meet all consumers’ needs for all products, to positioning services for a specific level of consumer groups, a specific category of products of professional brands, the best to make the brand become synonymous with a subdivision of the product category.

In a word, the brand concentration of through-flow products will become higher and higher, and the industry will no longer have the opportunity to create such a volume of brands as Opple and Rays, professional lighting will become the industry’s new blue ocean, more and more subdivided categories, constantly generating new tracks, more and more hidden channels, and increasingly long benefit distribution chain ……

Today, the “new retail” has fallen to a chicken feather, although there are still people to pay tuition. The “new wholesale” has emerged, focusing on the dealer professional channels, the layout of franchises and training professional lighting designers in the country’s brands have tasted the sweetness.

In the new year, we will adhere to the concept of “the material and the knowledge, keep the right and the new”, in the “line of stability” on the basis of active “innovation”, further focus on resources, enhance the value of services, follow the trend, advocate and service strategic cooperation brands will be “new wholesale” to the end.

We are all messengers of light, always to the light, to the new, to the future!


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