It is a DMX 3d led ball project. with two-sided light effects can be seen from 360 degrees for unique and vivid effects. The constant current driver being designed on double size, which contributes to the protection of LEDs’ lifespan. DMX512 Protocol, sharing long-distance transmission and high ability of anti-interference. Light and audio controlled synchronously, music controllable. Environment friendly, no harsh glare, and buzzing noise, no flicker. Any DMX Controller compatible, DMX led lighting control solution. We use solid capacitors, make the led more stable, the lifespan is over 50000h. We have a short circuit, over current, over-temperature protection design. The efficient power management makes our LED save 40% power. The 3d ball lights are DC24V, this makes the led color more stable. The 3d ball is controlled by a DMX controller and software. The software is a center of light, the software outputs signals to the DMX controller, and the controller transforms the sign into tubes. It can change the color and movement of the tube. With 4000pcs 3d pixel ball light, make a curtain vivid. With Madrix to do programming.