LED lighting industry chain and market size forecast analysis in 2021

3d led ball light

In the past two months since the LED lighting market-related products ushered in a wave of price increases, a number of domestic lighting companies in December last year has been intensively released price increase letter, the price increase of more than 10%. Some institutions believe that in 2021, the bullish LED industry continues to rebound, lighting benefits from the continued increase in concentration; display, the new infrastructure will significantly drive the reversal of LED display demand. Woodland is a major player in the global LED packaging industry. Lazard is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, and sales of LED application products, and a joint venture with Taiwan Epistar Microelectronics MicroLED display mass production base was officially put into production.

As LED chip technology and process continue to update and iterate, LED lighting products luminous efficiency, technical performance, product quality, cost economics continue to significantly improve; coupled with industry chain-related enterprises and investment continues to increase, LED light source manufacturing and supporting industry production and manufacturing technology continues to upgrade, the end product scale production cost economics to further improve, LED lighting products have now become Home lighting, outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, landscape lighting, backlighting display and other applications of mainstream applications, LED lighting products to replace traditional lighting products market penetration rate continues to rise, the market demand continues to grow.

From the industry chain, the LED lighting industry chain upstream is substrate production and epitaxial wafer production, midstream industry for the production of LED chips, downstream for LED packaging and display, backlight applications, automotive lighting, general lighting, and other applications. Among them, the upstream epitaxial wafer and midstream chip production is the key technology of LED, with high technology content and large capital investment, as well as the most fierce international competition and the largest business risks.


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