Many Mini LED-related companies receive institutional research, focusing on capacity, price and application areas

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Production capacity

Regarding the production capacity, Zhachi shares said that the company has relevant technology and patent reserves in Mini LED chips, and the existing latest equipment in the industry can also produce Mini LED products. In terms of packaging, the company has relevant utility models and invention patents, and the technical team is also a senior in the industry. In addition, the company also cooperates with international first-tier brands in research and development and strives to achieve the international leading level of relevant technology. The company’s Mini LED packaging products for backlight and direct display are currently in mass production, and cooperate with international and domestic famous brand manufacturers, and will further promote Mini LED related products in the future.

Zhachi also mentioned that, at present, Zhachi Semiconductor’s LED chip sales progress is relatively good, the shipment volume in the industry is stable in the forefront, is currently full production and full sales status, part of the orders on hand because of production capacity still need to be delayed supply, product prices have recently been adjusted upward according to market conditions. Customers, the current proportion of external sales of nearly 60%, continue to supply to domestic manufacturers and Taiwan manufacturers, have passed the Korean manufacturer’s factory inspection, and have begun to supply.

Guoxing said as a leading RGB display packaging company, RGB display, especially small pitch, and Mini LED packaging is the company’s current focus on the development of the segment. In terms of product technology, the company has started to ship Mini LEDs in bulk in the first half of 2019 and has successively launched various products such as IMD-M09T, IMD-M07, and IMD-M05, etc. In December 2019, a special Mini LED manufacturing department was established, and the product technology has become more and more mature and widely recognized by customers. Mini LED product orders, the product boom is good, but this piece of production capacity accounted for a small percentage. Therefore, the company plans to further enhance the scale of Mini LED production capacity in the first half of next year, in addition, with the gradual implementation of the company’s 1.9 billion yuan new base expansion project, the company’s overall production capacity scale is also expected to usher in a greater upgrade.


In response to the price issue, Chau Ming Technology believes that the price advantage of Mini LED will gradually emerge from the third quarter of 2021. mini LED is a semiconductor-like product and is expected to drop by about 20%-30% per year on average, which opens up a huge space for future development and will lead the mainstream LED display in the next five years.

Guoxing said that the company in November this year, RGB launched a cost-effective IMD0.9 standard version of the product, gradually break the relevant price bottleneck to meet the broader market demand, to accelerate the commercialization of IMD products.

Refund Optoelectronics, on the other hand, commented on the price of Mini LED TVs. The company said that Mini LED TV is a new product, new technology, the benchmark is OLED TV, in the color display can also be comparable to OLED, and the cost and service life is more advantageous. 2020 belongs to the first year of commercialization of Mini LED, 2021 there will be more Mini LED products on the market, with the maturity of the industry chain, Mini LED As the industry chain matures, the price of Mini LED products will become more affordable. At the same time, the company also said that the price of Mini LED backlight modules varies according to the customer’s requirements for specifications, which include: the number of partitions, light mixing distance, color gamut requirements, chip size, and number, etc.

Market Positioning

For market positioning, Refund Optoelectronics believes that Mini LED backlight products are the most mature direction for technology and application. Compared with OLED, the thickness of LCD panels designed with Mini LED backlight is basically the same as OLED panels, and at the same time, Mini LED backlight products can have more detailed screen performance and lower cost. Comprehensive current technology level, production costs and other factors, small size display will be OLED and Micro LED competition market, while Mini LED’s will focus on medium and large size display, or have the service life requirements of the gaming, automotive and other markets.

Continuum Technology believes that all industries hope to achieve the upgrade of experience and consumption through video, image and animation, LED display is the most advantageous display terminal and solution, and the future application scenarios will be ubiquitous.

Zhachi shares that there are two main uses of Mini LED, one is used as Mini RGB display, the application is mainly indoor, such as traffic monitoring, TV walls, theaters and other large displays with high resolution. This part of the market has a lot of market space, but the application is not expected to be too fast, mainly because the current cost is more expensive, but his dosage is very large, once the cost drops will be a very large market. Another use is used as a backlight, now in the TV, gaming screen and other fields of application more and more, foreign Samsung, Sony, domestic TCL, Skyworth, Hisense, etc. are also actively involved in this part of the market.

Jufei Optoelectronics said, Mini LED backlight is the technology iteration of the traditional backlight, can display higher brightness, higher contrast, higher vividness of high-quality images, can be used in TV, smart screen, gaming, car, high-end notebooks and other flat panel display products, the market demand is large.

Alto believes that the traditional small pitch application scenes are mainly in the field of sports events, airport traffic, sports events, outdoor advertising, etc., Mini LED can replace the original small pitch application scenes, but also expand the conference room, command and control center, educational institutions, TV studio background screen, film shooting background screen and other fields.


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