Isn’t Meizu a cell phone company? How come it also runs to do lighting?

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Meizu said, “Lipro is a smart home brand with a special mission and has a new meaning for Meizu.”

Isn’t Meizu a cell phone company?
How come it also runs to do the lighting?

Huang Zhang carefully polished sincere work

From the point of view of the new products released, Meizu does not talk about cell phones this time, only about healthy lighting. It is a good idea to show the determination and resilience to enter the field of smart home for the general public.

A simple review of the history of Meizu, in the era of domestic cell phones “blossoming”, Meizu is definitely the “leader” in the cell phone industry. As early as 2009, Meizu released the country’s first smartphone – M8, which sold 100,000 units in only 2 months after its launch, and sales exceeded 500 million yuan in about 5 months after its launch.

And it is worth mentioning that Meizu M8 is permanently collected by Microsoft headquarters because it carries Microsoft’s operating system. All in all, Meizu M8, as the first phone of Meizu, with such sales, sales and influence, is undoubtedly a “big win” for Meizu.

In 2011, Meizu replaced the Android system and released Meizu M9, which was again a great victory, and even a “hard to find” situation.

You know, in addition to Apple, only Meizu has achieved the consumer’s queue to buy the phone. With the leading product design and excellent product quality, Meizu was once called the “Chinese version of Apple”.

In addition, Meizu cell phones have always been “slow and careful”, the main reason behind these achievements is due to the founder of Meizu, Huang Zhang, focus on the details and quality control.

The six products launched: Lipro LED intelligent ceiling light, Lipro LED downlight, Lipro LED bulb, Lipro LED strip light, Lipro LED floor lamp, Lipro LED cabinet light, the lowest price is Lipro LED bulb, only 49, but all with top light source quality and elegant industrial design, the strength of excellent performance.

It is reported that several simple parameters from them are the Meizu Lipro design team after thousands of deep calibration to get, it can be seen that Huang Zhang’s strict control of details and the persistent pursuit of quality.

Choose to cut into the smart home from lighting
What is fate?

However, then again, over the years, although we have long been accustomed to a variety of cross-border integration and the phenomenon of descending strikes, but the news of cell phone factory selling lights, or will make the lighting and smart home circle of friends of the discussion.

Some industry insiders analyze that in the past two years, in the TOP5 of the sales charts of major cell phone brands, the figure of Meizu has long disappeared, flirting with “the former king is now reduced to a passerby.” They believe that carrying the 5G era, this cross-border, perhaps Meizu’s turnaround battle.

But no matter how to say? For the smart home field, in recent years, this “cake” is really tempting. Outside Apple, Google, Amazon, inside Huawei, Xiaomi and other giants, after the persistent cultivation and guidance of these manufacturers, the mainstream consumers have been fully recognized and accepted the concept of smart home. And the current situation is that the penetration rate of smart home in Chinese market is only 5%, which means many people are in a wait-and-see mood.

Meizu product manager Huang Zhang pointed out that “there are too few really good smart homes on the market, and the cost of user selection is too high, so we have to go and make good products that we are willing to put at home and use.”

For Meizu Technology, high quality is not only reflected in the product, but also in the service, compatibility and supporting services are also crucial. This is also Meizu marketing responsible person Wan Zhiqiang said that in the future, as Meizu Lipro health lighting series products one-to-one Lipro lighting design services will be more and more perfect, with tailored solutions to bring users a more excellent and controllable scenario-based experience.

For the future development of the Lipro brand, Meizu also has a very clear three-year planning goal. According to Wan, “It will realize whole-house intelligence in 2023 and strive to become the top three high-end smart homes in China.”


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