The theme of GILE 2021 was released: The present is possible, the future is promising

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The 25th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was successfully concluded in October 2020, which welcomed 2,028 exhibitors and 141,868 professional visitors from 20 countries and regions. The 26th edition will be held from June 9 to 12, 2021 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The show will continue to adopt a cross-platform format, combining physical and online platforms to focus on the future development and business opportunities of global lighting professionals and encourage industry players to continue to move forward in the recovering global lighting industry market.

According to an outlook report by the Optoelectronics Research Division of TrendForce, global LED demand is expected to bottom out in 2021, with an estimated output value of $15.7 billion, up 3.8% annually. Facing the bright future, the theme of the 2021 exhibition will be “The present is possible, the future is promising” to discuss the current breakthroughs in the lighting industry and to look forward to the future trends of the industry. At present, while facing challenges and risks, new opportunities are also breeding, how should lighting people create a new situation? In the future, how should the industry deploy? From the space scene, digital operation, resource integration, new media marketing for in-depth integration and thinking, to achieve the landing operation.

For the theme of the 2021 exhibition, Mr. Hu Zhongshun, General Manager of Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co.

The future is no longer out of reach, it is happening right now, the lighting industry needs to continue to live to light, actively enhance the value of light, to develop a broader “frontier”, including deep ultraviolet UVC LED, intelligent dimming, plant lighting, health lighting, etc., to verify that the Internet + and health lighting is no longer empty talk. At present, the lighting people to move forward, inherit the heavy and solid craftsman’s heart, to try new ideas, new ideas, to make just the right lighting on demand, for the future development of the industry laid a deep foundation, so that the lighting industry with a hundred years of history continue to pass on the flame, ignite the world.

1) Intelligent cross-border, interconnected scenes experience a major trend

With Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Xiaomi, Doodle, Fluorite, and other platforms based on PLC, Bluetooth Mesh, Wifi, Zigbee, and other intelligent lighting interconnection group standards promulgated and landed, the bottleneck of interconnection between platforms will be broken, the most critical barriers to the outbreak of smart home lighting broken, lighting companies can dock with the platform one-stop, R & D costs and personnel investment will be significantly reduced, personal Smart scene experience is greatly enhanced, whether it is smart lighting or smart home will usher in the breaking point and rapid growth. Intelligent lighting and smart home industry for the industry, consumers will bring new experiences and innovation, while with the designer community, engineering design units, new infrastructure planning, and business authorities on the in-depth understanding of intelligent and continuous attempts to follow more intelligent scene applications gradually into people’s work and life.

2) “Light health” to light up the life of the general trend

“Light health” is also the future of the lighting industry’s new blue ocean. The future of health lighting is in response to changes in place and time, adjust the most appropriate light source at the time, is the pursuit of integration with the immediate environment.

In the face of the big future of wisdom and health, Guangzhou Guanghia Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Lighting Association (SILA) create the first intelligent health cross-border demonstration hall (Hall 9.2) in the 2021 exhibition, to better display the interconnection technology and create intelligent scenes, the demonstration area will be Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Xiaomi, Tencent, Doodle, Heidi, and other platforms Logo authorized unified Logo, convergence platform, lighting brands, solutions, chips, and sensors one-stop show PLC, Bluetooth Mesh, Zigbee, Wifi system solutions and scene display area.

2020 is the beginning of a new era, artificial intelligence, energy innovation, post-epidemic, dual cycle become the lighting industry megatrends. GILE will continue to promote industrial innovation, upgrade and transformation and create more industrial cooperation opportunities. opportunities. We hope that every participant will find the right direction of development and win the future that only belongs to them.


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