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How to Install LED Lights in A car -car warning light

Adding automotive LED light strips to the interior and exterior of your vehicle can make it appear as if it came directly from the Fast and Furious franchise. These lovely, long-lasting lights bring a splash of color to the sidewalk beneath your car. They can also illuminate base areas and tree trunks, making it easier to see what’s inside.


Because LED lights are known for their low energy use, these 12V automotive LED light bars will not affect the power consumption of your vehicle. LED lights may save you a lot of time, whether you want to make a statement on the road or merely want to find sunglasses and groceries in your car more quickly.


What LED Light Bars Should You Purchase?

Some important considerations to make while selecting the best-LED light bar for your needs.


Do you require LED strips for indoor, outdoor, or automotive applications?

Do you desire strips that come in a variety of colors and lighting patterns?

Do you want to be able to adjust the brightness?

Do you want the light to respond to music?

Do you require a specific LED strip length?

LED strips are also available at a range of prices, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic effect while staying within your budget.


Always take measurements before purchasing LED strips to make your project go more quickly and smoothly. MSHLighting can also handle the cutting and welding for you; get a quote today!


If you like the effects of your LED light bar, you might want to look into the many alternative non-light bars LED lighting solutions for your car, which come with free installation guidelines. -Customer


Some tips before installing led strip light to the car 

  1. Clean the place before installing the strip
  2. Heat the adhesive tape with a hair drier before applying it for a greater adhesive effect.


The installation strip steps for the car.

  1. Remove the rear self-adhesive and wrap the strip light around the border of the door.
  2. Pry the door light cover open, then disconnect the connector.
  3. Hide the wire by pulling it to the position of the car door light.
  4. Connect the wires, with the red wire representing positive polarity (+) and the black wire representing negative polarity (-). (-).
  5. Finish by installing the light cover.

car light