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The Advantage of Flex Neon Light

MSH LED can offer you the strongest, brightest LED lighting and give you a warranty that backs it up. Check out the following reasons why your purchase of our LED Neon products will be so suitable.


1、 Soft volume, rich color, can be made into red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white, pink, purple, RGB illusion, etc. according to customer requirements, after strict


After the strict screening, the color is highly consistent; and the SMD LEDs used have high brightness, low light decay and long life; the length can be customized according to customer requirements.


2, 12V every three lights form a group circuit, 24V every six lights form a group circuit, can be cut by a single group, easy to install, low current, low power consumption.


Energy-saving and beautiful;


3、 Various forms of external packaging. There are casing, drip rubber, casing plus drip rubber; waterproof grade IP65, can be used outdoors;


4、. Waterproof design, exquisite appearance, small size, light and thin; high flexibility, can be bent at will, installed in uneven and narrow places, especially convenient for decorating corners.


Particularly convenient for nooks and crannies decoration, such as round/irregular design of the decoration.


5, non-toxic environmental protection soft rubber potting cover, crystal clear, energy-saving, long life (normal use can reach 30,000 hours); using 12V/24V DC low voltage power supply, safe and no hidden danger;  

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Why MSH LED Neon Makes Your Purchase Carefree and Economic

The LED Neon Flex tube is IP67 waterproof and therefore very resistant to water and moisture. All LED Neon Flex on our site has a vertical light emission. So, when the tube is placed on the ground in a bend, the light will radiate upwards.


Purchasing LED neon lights and signs should be hassle-free. As a valued customer and business owner, you should be offered the best products at affordable prices and extended warranties. Friendly and helpful customer service representatives should always be ready to answer your questions and comments with professionalism so you have a great experience.


1)Fast Production-To-Delivery.


2) Superior Durability And Product Life Cycle


What LED Neon To Use for Decorative Applications


LED border lighting can produce stunning effects, outlining architectural features, walkways, windows, and many other areas at your business or home. My contractors love to work with it because it is simple to install, takes very little maintenance, and provides more light than traditional neon installations do. It also draws attention to the structure and enhances safety.


If you’d like to find out more about LED neon, get advice on particular models or just have a few questions for our experts, please feel free to contact us! We’re proud to serve the community with cutting-edge LED neon products.


1, irregular design body decoration (hotels/nightclubs / KTV and other places of polygonal walls, teardrop line ceiling cove design, decorative to set the atmosphere)


2, urban contour lighting (buildings, advertising walls, signs, festivals, and other decorative areas)


3, home dark groove edging (door frame, bar, wine cooler, closet, TV cabinet …)