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Rays commercial lighting, home furnishing, circulation three major business units general manager gathered, planning what big action?

January 7, 2021, Rays Lighting Shandong operations 2021 annual “wash the lead to gather the momentum forward” dealer meeting was held in Shandong Linyi Mall Blue Sea Hotel.

Rays Lighting Commercial Lighting Division General Manager Tang Zhongming, Home Division General Manager Zhang Zhaofeng, Rays Lighting New Business Development and Hardware Circulation Division General Manager Zhang Xiao, Home Division Sales Center General Manager Luo Xu, Home Division Sales Center Senior Director Zhou Zhichao, Home Division Sales Center East China Region Director Qiao Junjie, and Rays Lighting in Shandong office manufacturer representatives, Tianma Lighting Group Chairman Liu Tongguang The meeting was attended by representatives of 100 dealers from the province, Liu Zhiguo, president of Tianma Lighting Group, and representatives of 100 dealers from the province. The meeting was hosted by Li Chong, vice president of Rays Lighting Shandong Operations Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liu Tongguang, Chairman of Tianma Lighting Group, delivered a speech and reviewed the development and changes of the lighting industry, shared the outdoor lighting project performance of the Group’s engineering company, and gave important work instructions. First, Chairman Liu made a highly in-depth analysis of the current situation of the lighting industry. From 2014 to 2020 the industry has shifted from high growth to steady growth and slowdown, thus bringing about the impact of three aspects.

1, the full explosion of smart homes, smart lighting highly dependent on on-site experience, will prompt consumers to return to offline.
2, the epidemic accelerated channel differentiation.
3, the consumption structure level change: the seller is transformed into a buyer, low-end, and mid-to-high-end consumer groups consumption is blowout growth.

Then extracted from Tianma’s operation history the industry wind gusts to focus on in the future, including whole-house intelligence, smart city, 5G, KA/gathering, IoT, etc. Each operation center was asked to land the contracted projects of collection and war collection, and to make cooperation contract with large real estate, chain, finishing, and super in the region. Finally, it also showed Tianma’s breakthrough in projects, double A qualification and typical engineering cases. At the same time, the innovative introduction and practice of the internal partner model, to make Tianma a big platform for career achievement.

Mr. Tang Zhongming, General Manager of Commercial Lighting Division of Rays Lighting, deployed the “2021 company strategic projects and dealer priorities” from four levels, namely 400 professional engineering channel construction, KA channel real estate segment layout, strengthening outdoor lighting capabilities, and business requirements for dealers. And focus on the 400 channel construction, KA channel construction analysis.

Rays Lighting Home Division General Manager Zhang Zhaofeng, “2021 Rays home channel strategy” planning three core directions: First, product planning: differentiation, business, can do, heavy experience; Second, the channel strategy: exclusive, whole installation, wholesale, super, collection; Third, channel empowerment: management, offline, online.

Rays Lighting Shandong Operations Center Vice President Li Chong delivered an important speech on the theme of “2021 marketing center services and support”, from the business support, business support, financial support in three areas.
First, business support: optimize the organizational structure, looking for new growth points in four segments: storefront retail, engineering business, strategic collection, and distribution channels.
Second, business support: improve the order service, design support, credit approval, terminal service, project special price, and after-sales service 6 points.
Third, financial support: elaborated the new process and standards of invoicing and settlement.

In the afternoon of the same day, Zhang Long, Director of Commercial Lighting Division of Operation Center, analyzed the performance of 2020, reviewed the key work reached, and elaborated on how to land 400 channels and KA channels in Operation Center in 2021, the planning direction of products, and the support policy of dealers.

Wang Wenjun, Director of Home Business Division of Operation Center, made a summary of the work in 2020, and analyzed the sales pattern of key dealers, and made a detailed planning for the construction of home channels, terminal management, performance improvement, and market support in 2021.

Wang Yue, Director of Circulation Channel of Operation Center, made a detailed explanation and planning for terminal construction and improvement, project development and market support of electrician section of Circulation Channel Department in 2021, and made a detailed planning for hardware channel construction, network layout, market development plan, market support, etc.

Liu Zhiguo, president of Tianma Lighting Group, summarized the meeting and put forward clear requirements for dealers from 10 aspects: 1.
1. clarify the development ideas, adjust the direction of the business, and optimize the store image.
2. construction of 400 business license store or engineering showroom, to have product display and experience field.
3. adjusting the store profitability, transforming to the project, tapping into the refined housing project, specific flower light project, and other shipping points.
4. reasonable pricing, reasonable profits, to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach, price differentiation of each category.
5. focus on learning and upgrading opportunities, actively participate, and implement training activities organized by the factory or operations.
6. active marketing, active participation in the company or operation-led linkage promotions, and factory purchase activities.
7. professional team, with a professional store manager, shopper, promotion, or designer channel maintenance staff.
8. increasing the importance attached to projects, increasing engineering business personnel, and establishing engineering business teams.
9. landing the strategic war picking contracted by the company headquarters and operation center to develop together.
10. Integrate the capital chain, self-integration plus operational support to do the project well.

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