1,CS8208 12v Addressable full color led strips.

2,Individually control —— 1IC & 1LED chip.

3, Standard Reel Length: 5meter/roll, also can be customized.

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GS8208 digital LED strip

New generation LED embedded GS8208 IC, RGB LED with 60 or 96 LEDs per meter. Speed up to 800 kbps. Both the RGB LED chips and the microcontroller are integrated in the SMD 5050 housing and together form a fully digitally controllable full-color pixel. The gamma correction of the GS8208 LED strip is very good. The color white is really white. The big advantage of this new generation of digital LED is that it is current-controlled and you have little trouble with voltage drop, making it ideal for large installations.


  • IC Type: GS8208 Double data non-built-in IC
  • LED Type: High Brightness 5050SMD LED,
  • LED Qty:30/48/60LEDs/m available
  • White PCB
  • High-Quality RGB LED,
  • Viewing angle:120 degree,
  • GrayScale:12bits
  • Individually control —— 1IC & 1LED chip.
  • Standard Reel Length: 16.4 ft / 5m Reel, also can be customized.


1, New product GS2808 led strip which can change any color/pattern no need the controller and comes with more than 33 kinds of color. if you need more color effects,it also can work with a controller, like K1000c, K8000c, T5000k, the same program with ws2811/ws2812b.

2, GS2808 a new version addressable LED-based on WS2813B, it is 12v addressable.

3, The advantage is when 1pcs IC burns, the other LED will keep working.

4,break-point continues,same with ws2818/ws2813.

5,3M adhesive attached on the strip, waterproof version IP65, silicon tube coating.

6, With a pair of JST SM connectors (IP20).

7,No voltage drop within 5 meters,For 12v 30led,it is 7.2w/m,for 12v 48led,it is 11.52w/m.

8, If you need DC12V individually addressable, it can replace ws2813 ws2812b sk6812-5V led strip.


multi color led strips

Connection Ways:

multi color led strips

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
PCB Color



1M 30LEDs/M IP20, 1M 30LEDs/M IP65, 1M 30LEDs/M IP67, 1M 60LEDs/M IP20, 1M 60LEDs/M IP65, 1M 60LEDs/M IP67, 1M 48LEDs/M IP20, 1M 48LEDs/M IP65, 1M 48LEDs/M IP67, 5M 30LEDs/M IP20, 5M 30LEDs/M IP65, 5M 30LEDs/M IP67, 5M 60LEDs/M IP20, 5M 60LEDs/M IP65, 5M 60LEDs/M IP67, 5M 48LEDs/M IP20, 5M 48LEDs/M IP65, 5M 48LEDs/M IP67




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