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1. With LCD display and built-in WEB SERVER setting interface,easy operation

2. Support Ethernet DMX protocal ArtNet,can be expanded to other protocols.

3. Multi SPI(TTL) signal output, up to 5440 pixels control.

4.Output  DMX512 signal at the same time, convenient for the connection of different types LED lamp.

5. Support various LED driving IC, flexible control.

6. Support online firmware upgrade

7. Adopt DIP plug-in design for the easily-worn parts,Users can repair the damage caused by worng wiring or short circuit

8. Built-in test mode,using a networking interface with indicator light,work status is clear when at a glance.

To output LPD6803/LPD8806/P9813/WS2801 controlling signal, it requires at least three lines:

  DATA   6803/8806/9813/2801 DATA
  CLK   6803/8806/9813/2801 CLK
  GND   GND, connect with the chip GND


To output WS2811/TLS3001 controlling signal, it requires at least two lines:

  DATA   Ws2811/ TLS3001 DATA-CLK
  GND   GND, connect with the chip GND


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