They come in 5-meter reels with a 4-pin JST SM connector on each end. To Power a full roll of this lpd8806 strip, You must use at least 5V/10A power supply, do not use higher than 6V or you will destroy the entire strip.



These digital addressable LPD8806 LED strips can display 2 million colors per pixel and each LED can be controlled individually. The LPD8806 is a lot like the WS2801 with the following differences: it works from 2.7V up and has six channels allowing it to control two RGB LEDs. The downside is that it only does 7 bit PWM, making 127 brightness levels per LED for up to 21 bit color (2 million colors).

◆Product Description◆


1、Product model: B5050RGB48-IC8806;


2、Light source: SMD 5050 LED;




4、Chip: Taiwan Epistar chip, and other chips in Taiwan;


5, IC model: LPD8806, (1 meter 48 IC, 1 IC control 2 LED lights);


6, gray level: 256 levels, (1 meter 24 pixels);


7, the number of leds: 48 lights/meter, each 2 light for a group, can be cut;


8、Lighting angle: 120 °;


9, light color: can be adjusted through the controller for, white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc.;


10, the standard working voltage: DC 5V;


11、Power: 14W±10% /m;


12, waterproof level: not waterproof, drip glue (IP65), casing (IP67), casing solid grouting (IP68), etc.


13, FPCB board size: width: 15mm, thickness: 3mm;


14, FPCB color: white, yellow, black (except white need to be customized);


15、Packaging: 5 m / roll, back 3M adhesive behind the light bar, electrostatic bag package;


16、Weight: 0.32g/roll;


17、Boxing: 50 rolls/ctn Box size: 450*330*310(mm), total weight: 17KG.


18、We can provide a matching illusion controller and power supply

LDP8806 Strip


  1. LED programmable digital display
  2. Hotels decoration use
  3. Backlighting decoration
  4. Concealed lighting, Cove decoration
  5. Theaters, clubs, shopping malls lighting
  6. Architectural decorative lighting 
  7. Boutique atmosphere lighting
  8. Auditorium walk stairway lighting 
  9. Hidden groove, Wine cabinet decoration
  10. Show exhibition decoration


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
PCB Color

White PCB


Full color


Non-waterproof IP20, Waterproof IP65, Waterproof IP67



Strip Type

32LED/M, 48LED/M, 52LED/M, 32LED/M, 60LED/M


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