16 LED (inner diameter 3.3CM, outer diameter 4.3CM),
35 LED (inner diameter 8.3CM, outer diameter 10CM),
45 LED (inner diameter 10.2CM, outer diameter 12CM).



SK6812 Circle WS2812B Aperture Full Color RGBW Small Circle 5V Built-in Dot Control Circle Angel Eyes

1. Product Overview:

Angel eye light refers to the near and high beam head outside the circle around the full-color, by the LED-built IC full-color light beads composed of a halo, in the state of the wide light is very dazzling, mode optional, running, meteor, chase, open windows, nudge, single flash, jump change and so on mode! This ring light is initially from the BMW 5 Series headlights design, when the headlights are turned on, BMW headlights will have a halo, the halo is very similar to the halo on the head of the angel, so many users have given her a nickname: called angel eyes.

Super dazzling angel eyes headlights, gorgeous LED eyebrows, bi-xenon bulbs, dual light lenses, so that owners you become the focus of driving whether it is day or night. Famous quality, low failure rate; two near light four far light, near and far light switch without delay; avoid the accident caused by the delay when switching between near and far light. If driving on the highway within 2 seconds of the trip is incalculable. Have safety and health to have everything, safety first So choose super dazzling angel eyes headlights without delay to bring you safety.

This ring with light also comes with the role of the turn signal, which is a device that allows the light on one side to light up and flash when turning to indicate the direction in which you are about to turn, also known as the direction indicator. It is used when starting, overtaking, and changing traffic lanes. In the case of stopping the car and getting off passengers or suddenly breaking down, the left and right direction turn signals often flash at the same time to attract the attention of other moving vehicles.

This ring light RGB with LED built-in IC lamp beads with low voltage drive, environmental protection, and energy-saving, high brightness, large scattering angle, good consistency, ultra-low power, long life, and other advantages. The control circuit is integrated into the LED, the circuit becomes more simple, small size, making the product easier and faster to install.

ring ring light

2. Main application areas:

Various brands of car lights, light-emitting props, various electronic light-emitting products decoration, electrical equipment running lights.

LED angel eye car light3

LED full-color light-emitting word string, LED full-color module, LED full-color soft strip hard strip, LED guardrail tube.
LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, various electronic products, electrical equipment running lights.
Headlights, costumes, kites

Intelligent illusion horse running external control car lights

Accept customization: customer provide product detail requirements – quotation – sample – confirm the sample – batch order – batch shipment

A light ring  size specification:three specifications, can customize various specifications
16 LED (inner diameter 3.3CM, outer diameter 4.3CM),
35 LED (inner diameter 8.3CM, outer diameter 10CM),
45 LED (inner diameter 10.2CM, outer diameter 12CM).

3. Characteristic parameters:

Light-emitting lamp beads: 5050RGB.

Luminous dazzling mode: 24 kinds.

Waterproof value: IP20.

Life span: 50000H.

Voltage: DC5V.

A number of lamp beads: standard single angel eye-ring is 40pcs, 24pcs, 16pcs, three specifications.

Illumination LED car angel ring 3

Notes on the use of the dazzling angel eye ring

ring light ring light


Through this specification, MSH can let customers know more about the properties and specifications of this product.

IC control circuit and LED point source share a common power supply
The control circuit is integrated with the RGB chip in a 5050 package component, constituting a complete external control pixel.
Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel point receives a signal after waveform shaping and then output to ensure that the line waveform distortion will not accumulate.
Built-in power-on reset and power-off reset circuits.
The three primary colors of each pixel point can realize 256 levels of brightness display and complete 16777216 colors of a full true color display with scanning frequency not less than 400Hz/s.
Serial cascade interface, can complete data reception and decode through a signal line.
Any two point transmission distance is not more than 5 meters without adding any circuit.
When the refresh rate is 30 frames/s, the number of cascades is not less than 1024 points.
The data transmission speed can reach 800Kbps.
The color of light is highly consistent and cost-effective.


This addressable led ring angel eye-ring is different from other LED products, it uses MSH photoelectric LED built-in IC full-color light beads, fine production process, the product is stable, the effect of dazzling color can be used in a variety of ways.

Product stability, dazzling effect, can more reflect the unique style of the car.

ring light watts

3. Notes

3.1. Installation and operation

Angel’s eyes use high quality LED full-color lamp beads, LED lamp beads are integrated into the driver IC 5050RGB lamp beads, forming a circuit, single-line constant current output, the product is not waterproof, in the process of installation and use, please pay attention to do a good job of waterproof protection.

Inside with 24 kinds of the variable running program, DC5V-24V universal, please pay attention to the voltage when using, and pay attention to the positive and negative wiring.

3.2. Moisture-proof packaging

All products are shipped in transparent bags sealed with glue for protection, the product LED beads are easy to absorb moisture, please pay attention to moisture, sunscreen.

3.3. Storage

In order to avoid the product LED absorbing moisture, MSH recommends that customers should store the bulk of open packaged products in a dry box or container with desiccant.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
PCB Color

White, Black






16LED, 35 LED, 45LED


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