SMD 5050 RGBWW LED Strip 60 LED/M


1. Hotels ,restaurants, nights clubs, edge light,
2. Living rooms, coffee / wine bars, back lighting,
3. Recreational machines, playstation,
4. TV, dancefloor background, shopping malls,


12V SMD 5050 RGBWW LED Strip 60 LED/M

Product Parameter

PN     S012060-50RGBWW        丨 S012060-50RGBWW
    Voltage     DC12V                   丨    DC24V
    LED Type     SMD 5050
    LED Quantity     60 leds/m
    Color     RGBWW
    Dimension     5000*10 MM
    Cutting unit     50 MM                   丨    100MM
    PCB Color     White
    Power     12 W/M                 丨    14 W/M
    Protocol     PWM
    O.T     -30℃ ~ 45℃


This is a PWM control RGBWW color LED strip without Pixel.
60pcs SMD RGBW 5050 LEDs per meter, 5meters/reel, 10mm PCB width.
The cutting unit length is 50mm(12V), or 100mm(24V) per section.
The PCB is made of 2 Ounce thick copper.
All soldering Pads are very large, allowing you to easily cut and reconnect.
DC12/24V constant voltage operation.
Both ends have 4pin bare wires for powering.
3M tape attached on the backside of FPC.
3 different waterproof types IP64, IP65, IP68.


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