Compared with 5050 LED strips, 2835 LED strips are much brighter and less power consumption, but cheaper price.

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LED chip: SMD 2835

Quantity of LED: 240 pcs/ m

Power consumption: 14.88 W / m

Luminous efficiency: 90 lm / W

IP rating: IP 20

Montage: Double-sided adhesive tape

Input voltage: 24V DC

Cutting section: 160 mm (12 LED)

PCB Width: 15mm width

Key Features

High brightness 2835 type LED

Double layer pure copper 2oz PCB

124V optional

3M adhesive tape for easy installation

Standard 5M on reel

2-5 years warranty

Understanding SMD 2835 LED Lights

Light up your homes, offices, factories, and more by using 2835 LED light strips. These shop led lights strips are a new addition to the LED light strip lineup. Their standout feature is that they are more efficient than other LED light strips in the market. 2835 LED lights produce 20% more light than 5050 LED light strips but require less wattage. This makes these best led strip lights a great choice for lighting both large scale and small projects.

2835 best LED light in MSH

 MSH is the leading 2835 LED strip manufacturer. Our LED lights are durable, efficient, and fully customizable. We house the following varieties of 2835 LED lights.

2835 LED Tape

This is the basic version of the 2835 LED strip. This high brightness LED light features a double-layer pure copper 2oz PCB. This is a very versatile strip that is available in red, green, blue, yellow, white, and warm white color. MSH 2835 LED strip is available in 240 LEDs/m and 120 LEDs/m.

Color rendering index CRI (Ra) in simple words measures the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce colors. A value of CRI = 100 is the maximum value and determines the ideal color rendering. In practice, CRI> 80 provides accurate color rendition for us to feel comfortable with as we see the colors of objects around us look natural. The cheaper LED strips have usually CRI under 70, the color of light irritates us and we stop recognizing the colors of well-known objects. Customers often refer to this as the “light like in the morgue”. This phenomenon is often identified with the white cold color. But this is not the right reason. Low CRI

With the Top Quality service, there are also many things that other suppliers could not do, but MSH will do for you:

  •  datasheet, MSH code production available. We set up MSH code records for all customers, to ensure keeping the same led strip color for each order, without a color difference.
  • By granting a 3-year guarantee, and we’ve extended to 5 years warranty for some of the led strips light product.
  • We are proud of the quality of our LED strips light. Many clients “0” reject reports for almost 5 years.



Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
PCB Color







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