WS2813B is single-pixel control and dual signal transmission. If one pixel damaged, it will not affect the other LEDs working.

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WS2813 Strip,  One pixel damaged will not affect the other LEDs working. As long as not two or more adjacent LEDs are broken, the remaining LEDs will be able to work normally.
Shipping Policy

The price is only Led Strip, Not Included Power Supply or Led Controller!

WS2813 Must Use DC5V Power Supply AND Led Controller to Control!

Every 0.5meter with solder joints, please note!


  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • Working Current:3.6A/meter
  • Working Temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃
  • Storage Temperature:-50℃ ~ 80℃
  • Max Watt:  30 Leds/M — 9 Watt/Meter  /  60 Leds/M — 18 Watt/Meter  /  144 Leds/M — 43.2 Watt/Meter 
  • FPC Width: 30 Leds/M — 10 MM  /  60 Leds/M — 10 MM  /  144 Leds/M — 12 MM
  • Package: In the anti-static bag, IP30 IP65 with 3M adhesive tape on the back (IP67 without 3M adhesive), each strip with one free male connector for the connector
  • IC Size: WS2813B
  • Pixel Color: RGB
  • Service Life:50,000H
PN Working current Working temperature Package LED number Viewing angle Lifespan Working voltage Pixel/M
S010030-WS2813RGB 1.8A/meter -40℃~60℃ 5meter/roll 30pcs/meter 140 50000h DC 5V 30Pixels/M
S010060-WS2813RGB 3.6A/meter -40℃~60℃ 5meter/roll 60pcs/meter 140 50000h DC 5V 60Pixels/M
S012144-WS2813RGB 8.64A/meter -40℃~60℃ 2meter/roll 144pcs/meter 140 50000h DC 5V 144Pixels/m


  • More Features

    • Grove Compatible
    • Resume from the broken point, even if there were broken LEDs, the rest of the LEDs can work well. 
    • WS2813B IC, 5050 LED
    • Non-waterproof IP20/ Waterproof in Silicon Coating IP65, IP67 Waterproof in Silicon Tube
    • Full-color RGB, 16777216 colors, 256 levels of brightness

    color changing led strip lights

  • Distribution wiring diagram:
  • programmable led strip


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm
PCB Color

White, Black


1M 30LEDs/M, 1M 60LEDs/M, 1M 144LEDs/M, 5M 30LEDs/M, 5M 60LEDs/M



IP Rate

IP20 Non-Waterproof, IP65 Waterproof, IP67 Waterproof


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