What is COB LED Strip and Benefit of COB

COB (Chip on board) LED Ribbon is a leading-edge technology that features small LEDs mounted directly onto a flexible circuit conducting strip (PCB). A single line of phosphor runs along the whole length and provides dot-free continuous illumination. COB LED Ribbon has a CRI of >90, which shows more realistic colors and gives a more natural illumination feel. COB comes in either warm or natural white and is available in both IP20 (for Indoor use) or IP66, which is suitable for use outdoors or in bathrooms. 





– Integrated components improve durability

– High-density LED provides dot-free continuous illumination

– Chips mounted directly onboard provide 180° beam angle


Color of COB LED Strip

This COB tape also comes in either warm white (3000K), daylight (4000K), or cool white (6000K). Warm white offers a yellowish hue which provides a cozier feel to space and is typically best for use in the living area or the bedroom.

Cool white (6000K), on the other hand, is a cooler, brighter white. It is generally used in kitchens or bathrooms and works synergistically with a modern home.

Daylight (4000K) sits right in the middle of this spectrum. It is rather similar to natural daylight and produces a bright white light, while still remaining relatively warm. This makes daylight very versatile and usable in a range of projects.

Cut and Connect

This tape can be cut at 4.5cm intervals and we’ll be more than happy to do all the handy work for you. Here at MSH, we offer a free cutting and soldering service which will provide you with bespoke made-to-measure tape.

Your first 3 cuts will be free of charge and we will provide your tape with their own cable attached allowing you to install drivers where applicable.

All tape is priced per meter, and our strip lights team will be able to provide you with a custom quote if you have a particular project in mind.

Please note that all IP67 and IP68 tape comes in lengths of up to 5m max, and will not fit in any of our aluminum profiles.

IP65 tape comes in maximum lengths of up to 25m and will be soldered tape to tape every 5m for any lengths over 5m. Although 25m lengths are available in this way, there is no guarantee that it can be run continuously due to power drop. Please get in touch with us if you require further information about this.

IP20 tape may or may not come from soldered tape to tape, as this depends on how it arrives.


COB led strip light applications

New LED-Strip without any visible LEDs! The COB LED-Strips emit a continuous, homogeneous line of light. 

This brings great advantages to a huge number of applications:

  • perfect uniform light, even in very flat LED profiles
  • continuous, narrow LED band for accent- or orientation lighting
  • perfectly even in indirect light application with very short distances

the price is for one roll of 5 meters!

  • flexible LED strip with COB technology
  • voltage: 24V/12V
  • with 3M adhesive tape on the backside for easy mounting
  • IP20 not water protected

How to install the COB LED strip light? (step by step)



What is ws2811 and how to use ws2811 led strip & Pixel Light

What is ws2811 and how to use ws2811 led strip & Pixel Light

WS2811 Picture

What is ws2811

  • ws2811 is an RGB LED. Yet, it’s anything but a basic RGB LED strip. It is an addressable RGB LED. It implies you can control each drive shading with an information signal info.

12V WS2811 LED Ship

This WS2811 color changing LED strip lights are a simple RGB LED strip with an outer IC, much of which is made from flexible strip light DC12v has just one symbol. One IC controls 3 LEDs, the 3LEDs act as a single pixel and at the same time, they still change the same color. Cuttable as one pixel per 3LED means if you cut the 3 LEDs, the light still works. And for a great amount of time, it is fully grown.

This means that it isn’t truly possible to control each LED, but instead, each pixel in your code represents a group of 3 LED chips for 12V, and 6 LED chips for 24V.

WS2811 Pixel Light

10mm, 20mm, 26mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm are available with WS2811 IC.

As 1pcs pixel with one IC, so choose WS2811, it is easy to program.

How to control WS2811 LED strip with controller

WS2811 addressable RGB LEDs are Great for producing different colors. Let’s make a WS2811 RGB LED control RGB LED Controller For controlling the Pixel LEDs.

With mini controller to control 24v ws2811 led strip





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What is the advantage of MSH NEW DMX LED Tape?

12Volt led tape lights with RGB5050 512IC chip, imported Epistar lamp beads high brightness low strobe more durable, thickened full copper double mask circuit board to effectively reduce the hot performance more stable, the back of the high adhesive genuine 3M adhesive, strip warranty three years, a large number of stock, other models, please ask customer service


1)High life span High energy saving 

After 50,000 hours of use, the strip can still maintain a good light effect

high power rgb led strip

2) Bright and dazzling  

High-efficiency chip, 20% brighter than most light strips, uniform luster, effectively restore the true color

3)Anti-dead lamp bead design

  One group is not bright, the other groups of light beads normal light

4)No strobe light

 LED chip, high standard performance quality display index, restore the real color


1) Material comparison

The double-sided copper circuit board    

Good electrical conductivity, low energy consumption, fast heat dissipation, good pressure resistance, long lamp life    

The single-sided copper circuit board 

To save the use of single-sided copper circuit board, energy consumption, heat dissipation is slow, the lamp beads are easy to bad

rgb digital led light strip

2) Wire comparison

Pure copper wire  

Good electrical conductivity, low energy consumption, fast heat dissipation, good resistance to pressure, long life of the lamp strip

Alloy wire 

To save costs by using a variety of recycled metal generated by the wire, poor electrical conductivity, energy consumption

rgb digital led light strip

12 volt RGB led strip lights Quality control


Manual welding, improve the solidity of the circuit board, conductivity, reduce false welding, leakage of welding, for the high efficiency of the use of products laid a solid foundation   

rgb digital led light strip


MSH LED adopts imported high brightness lamp beads, using high-efficiency chips, 20% brighter than most light strips, stable performance, lower heat generation and longer life. 

rgb digital led light strip


When the whole roll is not needed, it is cut from the shear to avoid or reduce unnecessary waste. 

4) Connector 

 5pin SM butt connector for easy connection to the power supply


MSH LED DMX RGB LED tape is three years warranty, With Waterproof and Non-waterproof types, It installs widely in facade solutions and TV solutions. 

rgb digital led light strip