What is ws2811 and how to use ws2811 led strip & Pixel Light

What is ws2811 and how to use ws2811 led strip & Pixel Light

WS2811 Picture

What is ws2811

  • ws2811 is an RGB LED. Yet, it’s anything but a basic RGB LED strip. It is an addressable RGB LED. It implies you can control each drive shading with an information signal info.

12V WS2811 LED Ship

This WS2811 color changing LED strip lights are a simple RGB LED strip with an outer IC, much of which is made from flexible strip light DC12v has just one symbol. One IC controls 3 LEDs, the 3LEDs act as a single pixel and at the same time, they still change the same color. Cuttable as one pixel per 3LED means if you cut the 3 LEDs, the light still works. And for a great amount of time, it is fully grown.

This means that it isn’t truly possible to control each LED, but instead, each pixel in your code represents a group of 3 LED chips for 12V, and 6 LED chips for 24V.

WS2811 Pixel Light

10mm, 20mm, 26mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm are available with WS2811 IC.

As 1pcs pixel with one IC, so choose WS2811, it is easy to program.

How to control WS2811 LED strip with controller

WS2811 addressable RGB LEDs are Great for producing different colors. Let’s make a WS2811 RGB LED control RGB LED Controller For controlling the Pixel LEDs.

With mini controller to control 24v ws2811 led strip





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