Create the four most business environment LED industry

LED industry

Recently, Jiujiang City Development and Reform Commission announced last year LED industry


the city’s 16 counties (cities and districts) business environment evaluation report, 37 scores LED industry.

ruichang outstanding performance, item first.Why is the business environment in ruichang so good?

According to liu quanli, director of the ruichang Administrative Service Center LED industry,

“We control the first-class, play ‘combined fist’, make every effort to create ‘the best policy, the lowest cost.

the best service, the fastest’ The ‘four most’ business environment has cracked the pain,

blockage and difficulties of business development, allowing companies to come in, stay and develop.”
Facilitate the people and enterprises Ruichang innovative service model

In recent years, Ruichang deepen the “laissez-faire” reform, vigorously explore the humane,

intelligent, personalized service, to create a comprehensive “one-stop” examination and approval platform,

so that “a window”, “a do”, “a city office”, “a network office”,

the masses and enterprises to do “only into a door”.

In addition, in November last year,

the provincial market supervision and management of the provincial name of the enterprise registration authority delegated to Ruichang,

so that Ruichang became the only province can directly approve the provincial name of the enterprise county (city, district).

Deng Bin, deputy director of the Ruichang Market Supervision Administration, said.

“Ruichang optimized the business start-up process. reducing the start-up time to 1 day, the fastest 150 minutes can be successful.”

At the same time, in order to further improve enterprise services and reduce the burden of enterprises, the Ruichang municipal government also assumed the cost of engraving the stamp for new start-up enterprises.

Liu Quanli said, “In recent years, Ruichang city each year about 3,000 new enterprises. the city finance this year to arrange 1 million yuan for new start-up enterprises engraving, to achieve the business start-up ‘zero cost’.”

Enterprise “light” LED industry chain continues to expand

As to the reason for settling in Ruichang, Wang Invention explained, “Ruichang has a really good business environment.

The demonstration park not only formed an electronic and electrical industrial chain but also opened a logistics line to Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. and give enterprise logistics, recruitment, and other aspects of subsidies.

The company’s cost of producing lamps in Ruichang is relatively low and competitive.” He said, “We also plan to invest 150 million yuan to build a factory in Ruichang and put down roots.”

It is understood that in early 2018, Ruichang invested nearly 2 billion yuan to build a demonstration park for industrial transformation and upgrading, with 1.17 million square meters of standard plants. 85 enterprises and more than 10 billion yuan in contracted capital.

“The enterprises in the demonstration park are all above-scale enterprises, and they have achieved the goal of investment exceeding 10,000 yuan per square meter of plant and the annual output value of 10,000 yuan per square meter.” Zhou Suzhen, deputy director of the management committee of Ruichang Economic Development Zone, said.

Nest good phoenix perched. At present, the total number of enterprises in the city has reached 10,100, with 21.98 enterprises per 1,000 people; there are 196 industrial enterprises above a certain size. and 29 enterprises with a tax of more than 10 million yuan.

100 signings, is the annual task ahead of schedule, 101 is the second one hundred. Start. Only two years, Ruichang from “no” to “yes”, from “0” to “101”, LED industry The company has risen from the ranks and quickly gathered into a chain to build up momentum, becoming a rapidly rising star in the national LED industry.

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