How to install RGB led strip in pc

How to install RGB led strip in pc

If you want to dress up your gaming PC, an RGB lighting kit is a great accessory. Does it perform any useful function?

No. Do gamers love them anyway? Absolutely! After all, your gaming rig is designed for fun and entertainment.

So why not accessorize it with something that looks cool?

Installation is simple, just plug-in power, stick the two light strips where they fit best in your case, connect everything together,

and turn on the remote. It’s really that easy.

strip computer

Creating Custom Colors

Before we talk about today’s offerings, let’s start by talking about how an RGB light kit works. To begin with,

some kits and motherboards will produce colors automatically. This is a great feature if you just want to connect

your kit and start gaming. But what if you want to create your own custom colors? In that case, you’re going to

need to understand a thing or two about creating custom colors.

The length PC strip is custom, it can do 1meter, 2meter, 5meter length.

Single-Channel or Multi-Channel?

The next topic is what kind of controller you are going to use. We are talking about LED light controllers.

The controller is the device that the led strip connects into. It controls the color and brightness levels of the LED.

The below is a multi-channel controller. You can have different color levels and brightness. With that controller,

you could create separate settings for the front and back of the PC.

Step to install led strip

Take out your Case’s left side panel and clean it. see the installation step video.

  • Carefully unscrew the rear screws that hold your PC’s side panel on to the main case.
  • Slide it back and take it out.
  • Assess the inside of the panel and see which parts you want to stick the LED strips on.
  • Once you’ve chosen the part, get some tissue paper, and wet it with alcohol.
  • Rub the surfaces of the inside panel to remove dust, oil, or any other substances that will prevent a great stick.
  • Cut out the LED strips and secure them in place.
  • Connect the strips in parallel.
  • Splice the LED strips into the MOLEX connector.

Plugin the MOLEX connector to a vacant male MOLEX connector from your power supply.

Finished PC strip lighting

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