Tongfang’s new SMD3030 THA PLUS is officially released!

On December 19, Shenzhen Facility Agriculture Industry Association enterprise research activities – into the same side of the photoelectric plant light field exchange meeting grand opening. The conference was themed “Natural Light – Life for Everything, Light for Life” and hosted by Mr. Shi Weili, consultant of the Strategic Committee of the same side, with about 200 participants from the upstream, midstream and downstream of plant lighting, as well as well-known experts and scholars in the industry.

The same side also released the new product SMD3030 THA PLUS at this conference.

The founder of Tongfang, Chairman Yang Fan, gave a welcome speech at the conference first. Mr. Yang talked about the original intention and vision of Tongfang since its establishment in 2009, always adhering to the core business philosophy of “customer-oriented, talent-oriented and integrity-oriented”, and sticking to the strategic plan of “creating a world brand of high-power LED light source”, and expressed his welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests. We would like to express our welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests.

Wei Shiquan, deputy general manager of the same side, shared “LED plant light to help the development of modern agricultural planting”, explained several actual cases of plant light sources, and launched the new product of SMD3030 THA PLUS of the same side.

SMD3030 THA PLUS new product data

It is reported that Tongfang has been laying out the plant lighting product line for 5 years and has strong technical strength and the ability to provide light source solutions.


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