Mullinsen, Liard, Chou Ming and others entered the list of 500, and Debon and Hangke launched filament lamps.

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Mullins, Liard, and Chau Ming join together in the New Economy Enterprise 500!
On November 28th, the “Top 500 New Economy Enterprises in China 2020” list was released in Hangzhou. On November 28th, “2020 China’s Top 500 New Economy Enterprises” was released in Hangzhou.

▲The press conference
The “China’s Top 500 New Economy Enterprises” competition selects the market/valuation as the main index for the evaluation of the top 500 new economy enterprises and revises the market/valuation based on six categories of enterprise-scale, growth rate, profitability, technology-driven, talent and employment, and nine sub-categories of public opinion as the revision indexes to finally produce the list of China’s top 500 new economy enterprises.
According to the list, advanced manufacturing is the most dominant industry in the New Economy 500, with 256 companies.
Among them, BOE, TCL, Da Clan Laser, Dongshan Precision, Konka, Woodlinson, Lazard, and Chou Ming are all on the list.

Together we win! Depot Lighting Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hangke Optoelectronics

Ltd. and Hangke Optoelectronics Group Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation signing ceremony were held in the import and export company of Desbon. Mr. Li Qiang, Vice General Manager of Depp on Lighting, and Mr. Yan Qianjun, Chairman of Hangke Optoelectronics, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties to cooperate on LED filament lamp products and to focus on the development of filament lamp products and markets by pooling their resources.

As a leading enterprise in China’s lighting industry, Deppon Lighting has been working with nearly 500 importers, distributors, and distributors in more than 80 countries and regions around the world for more than 20 years with the advantages of “technology development + professional manufacturing” and the service concept of “customer satisfaction first”. In the domestic market, we have established a nationwide network of offline dealers, direct strategic customer channels, and online e-commerce platform channels, and have accumulated a wide range of customer groups and established an excellent brand image. Over the years, the company’s overall strength has been ranked among the top ten in the industry, and the export of LED lighting products has been among the top three in the industry for many years.
The two sides will work together to establish a close strategic partnership, which will combine the R&D, brand, customer resources, and global marketing advantages of Depp on and the industry chain layout and manufacturing advantages of Hangke in niche areas, and give full play to the advantages of both sides to develop two-way empowerment, so as to form the core competitiveness of LED filament lamp category in terms of scale and differentiation, and provide better filament lamp solutions for global customers, which will not only help strengthen Deppon’s position as a leading enterprise in the lighting industry but also greatly promote Hangke’s growth into a leading enterprise in the global market in the field of filament lamp and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win development.

Zhou Ming raised 880 million yuan to push Daya Bay LED display intelligent production line construction and other projects

Recently, CHARMING disclosed the prospectus for the issuance of shares in the Growth Enterprise Market to specific targets. The issuance to the specific target is domestic listed RMB ordinary shares (A shares). The issue of fund-raising does not exceed 88,350.00 million yuan (including), after deducting the issue expenses, the net amount of fund-raising all invested in the following projects.

Chau Ming Technology said that the purpose of the stock issue is: first, to promote the company’s development strategy, consolidate and improve the industry position; second, to expand production scale, to solve the problem of LED display production capacity shortage.
Among them, the fundraised for the construction project of LED display intelligent production line in Daya Bay of Zhouming Science and Technology is 570,800,000 Yuan, with a total investment of 95,984,200 Yuan. Continuity Technology intends to use advanced automatic production line, automatic logistics line and intelligent warehousing, etc., to establish a group LED display intelligent manufacturing base in Daya Bay, producing small pitch LED display, Mini LED display.


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